I am glad my Author friend, Ismita Tandon ensured that I read the below book from Om Swami ji. I could not attend the launch of the book in Delhi but however my first read of the year has been truly wonderful.  To each one, this will affect differently. Yes, It helped me to extract many answers to the anxious questions of my heart and soul.

Living in the Himalayas in solitude with only a piece of cloth to cover the body and a thin bedding to lie down, it isn’t any man’s forte but after reading his survival and spiritually enlightening story I have developed immense respect for him. Om Swami is the monk who stood through all testing times until he made his inner soul’s cup empty and met Mother Divine in the Himalayan cave.

The complete ‘BOOK REVIEW’ is published here. 



With this post I wish to share some of the ‘Beautiful Lines’ of the book.

I looked up at the sky, I looked within, and I said, ‘O God, if you exist, either you show your form to me or I’ll perish in meditation. If I’m convinced you don’t exist, I’ll go to all corners of the world and tell people not to waste their time with you; I’ll tell them there is no God.


In the moments that followed, I ceased to even hear the raindrops; time  stood still. I felt I had lost contact with my corporeal life, with the world around me. For the first time, someone had given me the confidence that it was possible to see God and that I would get her vision. Her words elevated me to a whole new level of being, as if a million darts of faith and devotion had pierced through every pore of my being. I decided that even if my body perished in the process, I would meditate day and night and do whatever it took to see God.        



‘I no longer wish to be a balloon filled with water, heavy and unable to fly. If anything, I want to fill myself with unconditional love and light. Everyone is a balloon, you know. Some are full of waste water, while others carry a certain fragrance. When circumstances or situations prick them, they burst. But its only when a balloon bursts that we really know what’s inside. Some stink when they burst, they let out foul words, they perform despicable actions; others emit a deep fragrance. I want to empty myself so that I can fill the balloon of my life with compassion and humility.’



 Enlightenment does not mean you have to live like a pauper. It  does not mean you have to subject yourself to a life of hardship and abstinence. On the contrary, to be enlightened means to live in the light of love, compassion and truthfulness. It means learning to live without reservations and inhibitions.  I cannot give you any insight, it must come from within. I can only share my learning. 



‘The eternal truth is that you have the right to live your life to the fullest. Every moment. This is the least you deserve. The fact that you are breathing and living means that nature wants you, life wants you. Listen to your inner voice. This voice is the purest you will ever know. A sense of fulfillment comes from walking your own path. For some it may be meditation, for others it may be music, dancing, painting, writing or reading. Find what makes you happy and pursue it. ‘



Seek your liberation by finding what matters to you and by living your life to the fullest. Rewrite your rules, redefine yourself. Don’t let life slip you by. You are a master of infinite possibilities.

I have given you my truth. Go discover yours.



His blog omswami.com gets more than a million views annually.

To my review, I received a wonderful mail from Mr. Jayant Om this morning. Read below what he has to say about the memoir and Swamiji.

How can a lamp compare with sun
How can a tiny drop ever compete with ocean
But i request you to be in my thoughts so that I can be able to write what you want me to write.
You are sole source of all my thoughts and writings
Word by word, I sipped your memoir, its wisdom and eloquence draw the crystal clear movie of your endeavors for the vision of Mother Divine.
Your renunciation is the most amazing one, true and perfect in all senses.
Your time with BABAJI made me cry.
Your time in Himalayan woods are the best example of conviction and determination towards achieving the goals.
Your vision of Mother Divine enthralled me from toe to head.
Your honest recollection of the events of your life covered in the memoir reminds me to be FIRM AND REMAIN UNAFFECTED in every situation and teaches me to move towards achieving goal and not stop till the goal is achieved.
Happy Reading!!!

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