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These days I am in Dubai with a mixed bag of holiday and blogging plans. So far the fortnight has been fun and the #DIFF15 experience has been amazing. But while this holiday is still not over, I can smell another trip already. Is it too early? Well I don’t mind it at all but before I actually pack my bags again, I am supposed to make a wish-list. Now, this is something that I love doing. If you have been following my blog, you would know that I have written about Oman, Malaysia and Kerala and then have actually got lucky with these places. So maybe this works best for me! For the new year, its time to focus on a new place. Watsay?


Where am I headed to?


Its a group of 572 islands in the Bay of Bengal. It is one among the Union Territory of India and its capital is Port Blair. The islands (big and small) are too many but don’t worry because only 36 are inhabited there.  Together its called Andaman and Nicobar islands. In the north is Andaman and separated by a distance of 150 kilometers is Nicobar. Since I have been reading around it, I have just learnt that both the names are taken from Malay language. and Andaman comes from the Hindu deity ‘Hanuman’. 


Its different because…


It connects us to our past, to our freedom struggle. The famous two islands here are named after officers from East India company- Havelock and Neil islands. Even though it is a part of India and needs no visa to visit, it has a distinctive culture in itself. The indigenous tribes who have been living here for ages do not interact with outsiders at all. Its serenity, the beaches, the forests, the palms, sea-food and the water-sports make it a beautiful holiday destination. I have heard so much about the sound of bubbles and the Under Water Kingdom that I am urged to talk about the sea walking here.  For the bird lover in me, there is a Parrot Island too. Dermocheleys Coriacea, the largest sea turtle nests can be found in there too. Mahatama Gandhi Marine National Park is sprawled over 15 islands and is one of its kinds. The only active volcano of India is situated at Barren Island here.






Don’t miss this and that!


Cellular Jail– The jail that imprisoned our freedom fighters.  I am sure you have heard it was called Kaala Paani  before being named cellular jail. 

Jail Musuem– I would do it for a inspiring run-down through history and the freedom struggle.

Radha Nagar Beach on Havelock Island- It is one of the world’s top beach.

Katchal Islands- They are beautiful too and do read about the first sunrise of the millennium!

Chatham Saw Mill – It is one of the oldest and largest in Asia.

Parrot bridge – To see the parakeets come home everyday in the evening.

Howrah Bridge–  It is on the Neil Island – Its a must see during the low tide time.

Forest Museum – 92% forest cover is here, so we must learn about the forests in the museum. 

Naval Marine Museum (Samudrika) – For the exquisite collection of shells, corals.  To learn about the sea-shells and 350 species of marine life.

Cottage Industries Emporium (Sagarika)- For some shopping and mementos, it is the place not to be missed in South Andamans.





Simardeep and this picture is from his Andaman trip



Whats new to be there?


Do you know about the new charter service? The charter has been started by Make My Trip. It offers direct flights from Bangalore which includes exciting packages, sightseeing options and much more! There are many packages available already and one can customize for oneself too. If you are on a budget, there is Super Saver too. For now, the charter starts from Bangalore. So if you are in Bangalore start craving for a vacation right away. The season is just right for it.


Its her, not me!


Well, well its time to reveal the secret. Its not me but my friend is planning a holiday for her anniversary. She lives in Bangalore and she has asked me to help her plan a trip to Andaman Islands in early January. While I was reading around it, I was making notes for myself too. To add to the comfort, I learnt about Andamans Charter a few days ago. With so much information under my belly, I thought a blog post was the most convenient thing to do and tell her about it all. I hope she enjoys her holiday and I follow her there soon.


Get packing!!!


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