If you are a traveler, this will interest you. If you are a women traveler, this one will definitely find you nodding your head in agreement or disagreement. How do you prefer to travel- Solo or Group?

My latest article is published on Womens Web. Do have a look and share your views.   🙂 🙂 🙂

Traveling brings cheer and freshness to the mundane daily routine. It gives a new perspective to the pace of life. And best of all, it helps us grow and know ourselves better. I say so because I have experienced myriad changes in myself after every trip. The amazing destinations, exotic foods, local flavours and people that we meet indeed add beautiful memories to our lives.

Travelling in groups can boost your holiday fun manifold – provided your fellow travellers share your passion for travel. What’s your take? Here is my confession on this and why I love to travel in groups. To read the complete article, click the link below…

This Traveholic Loves Travelling in Groups. What’s Your Take?

 Happy Traveling!!!

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