Agenda of the DAY– #Boldtdrives to NEEMRANA fort  BOLT and BLOGADDA came together

It was 10th of May of 2015. It was one of the most looked forward day of the week, a Sunday. It was one of the days when the Sun gave us no mercy from his scorching heat-rays. When the temperature soars, Delhiites usually prefer to stay inside the house but not the Delhi bloggers. 15 of us were super enthusiastic to be a part of the BOLT drive for which TATA  MOTORS and BLOGADDA had sent us a warm invite. 

By 11:30 a.m. we were supposed to reach Galaxy Hotel, NH-8 Gurgaon. When I walked in, I was met by happy faces of Ankita and Harish from Blogadda. A  Bolt bag was handed over to me which indicated that I was part of the Revtron team 3. As I entered the lounge, it was gladdening to see known faces from the blogging sphere. I almost knew all the bloggers who had come for this event except Aantarik, Judy and Priyanka (twilight fairy). Catching up with new faces and networking comes easily to bloggers and thus soon we were all pally with each other. To further break the ice, each member from the five teams was asked to introduce others in an adjective starting from the same letter as their name and one trait about them that was uniquely known to them. Priyanka Artiste from our team did a good job. In next ten minutes, the environment in the room was upbeat and cheerful.

One for each blogger The GODFATHER LOUNGE in Galaxy Hotel TATA BOLT was the star of the day

Next, it was time to get acquainted with the star of the day- TATA BOLT, the exciting hatch-back from TATA. It was not new to me because I had visited the BOLT arena in January to see the car and explore its features. However, when the marketing manager speaks, he or she always has more to add to the beauty of their product. Inderpreet Singh Sethi, Marketing Communications Manager, TATA MOTORS was present in the room and he took us around the car features and its multi-drive functionality.

The Booklet had complete information about the car and our drive for the day!

TATA MOTORS are really excited about this car because it has come out really well. The designers have done a good job with its exteriors. The interiors and the touch-screen entertainment system is classy. Mr. Inderpreet briefed us about the ECO, SPORT and CITY modes of the car and did not forget to grab our attention to the signature grille with a piano black surround of the car. No doubt the headlamps are impact-ful too. Safety features is one thing that TATA never compromises with as its name has always been synonymous with trust.  He touched upon every attractive feature and insisted on experiencing it while driving the car. Soon Lunch was announced and it was time to head for the run GET SET BOLT!

BOLT Revotron, Team 3                                     


After grabbing a hearty lunch, we were all geared up to take the ride. Some were happy as drivers and some only wanted to be driven. All our choices were taken care as demanded. I was not keen to start right away thus I opted to sit next to the driver’s seat. I waited for my turn after the first Pit-stop as I was in no hurry. Ankita, Akansha, Priyanka Artiste and I, it was an all girls gang for Team 3.  Those who nurse typical notions about women drivers can refrain from reading more because you will be disappointed to know that we did really well and rocked the show. 

All set to start!!! #BOLTDRIVES



I click another TATA BOLT from my car

We were all geared up for the sunny day. The soaring temperature really gave us a tough time but most of us loved traveling and the idea of a fascinating destination, Neemrana fort for the next set of activities kept us all energetic and awake.  To add more fun to the game, Captain Bolt, whom we only know through his voice kept us entertained. He was connected to every car through Connect Next feature of the  car and ensured that he kept a watch on all our activities. Speeding over 90 km/hr and breaking the rules of the road was just not allowed. 

Ankita was driving our car and we were enjoying the fun ride. The music system is one classy feature of TATA BOLT. I quite liked the interiors of the car too. The AC worked well in the front but since it was a sunny day the people at the back did feel uncomfortable initially. Later, when when we tuned the ac temperature, it worked well for them too.


On the way I made a tilted video too…

Now I must tell you my experience of driving the car. I drove for the last patch when NH-8 was a smooth run. I love the roads when I can drive fast and there isn’t much traffic to bother. I am a driver who refuses to drive in the city jams. I took charge of the car sometime later after the Pitstop 1 and drove till Neemrana fort when the highway was absolutely uncrowded. 

The grip of the steering wheel was good. Driving was comfortable and in the new car, I did not feel inconvenient about anything as such to quote. The brake, accelerator, clutch, engine, hand brakes all performed well. Playing within the three different modes was easy and fun. The steering wheel needs no dragging along, it reverses on its own at the turning points.  I wouldn’t say it is the best car that I have driven but yes it came as a good, competitive car in its range. And we all know that TATA BOLT is a promising hatch no doubt. The initial glitches of the previous cars have been worked upon well and the spirit of youth has been best captured in this one.

The destination point, Neemrana, the historical facade won over our tiredness and infused new energy in all of us. Of course the lemonade drinks deserve a mention too. I gulped three in a go, I told you it was super hot that day. The beauty of Neemrana added a zing to our bolt drives. We couldn’t wait to go around, explore and click pictures. A member from the hospitality team soon took us on an indoor tour.

Neemrana added the zing to the #Boltdrives This proves that bloggers fell in love with this historical facade


The rest of the evening was joyfully spent in the premises of Neemrana. We talked, roamed in and around JALGIRI, clicked pictures, had high tea and enjoyed local music. 

Before packing bags and pepping up for backward journey, we were all in for a big surprise. The BOLT blogging contest winner was announced and I cheered for my friend Ragini Puri for winning a swanky new car. No doubt it was a great news and we all loved it.

Not for one moment did I feel Hungry that day!

On the way back, Akaansha Dureja  and I chatted all long non-stop. Seriously bloggers or no bloggers, two engineers can talk on anything but technology. We are more pro-women kinda girls so you can understand what we had on our minds, social issues what else. Priyanka Artiste kept adding her bits from time to time. We did try guessing the face behind Captain BOLT too. All in all it was a super fun day.  Seriously some experiences can never be earned but lived only as a blogger. Thus, I always say Blogging Rocks!

Some shots that will wrap up the post well…

Happy Blogging and Safe Driving!

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