Gloominess and solemn gripped our family last month as we lost a family member. In these sad times, the only bright little things that have been coming to our house are the courier packets. Last fortnight I received 18 books. Despite of all odds, everyone in the family looks forward to the new books. They love the knock of the postman because each day he brings along a new addition to our library. The wonderful books that fall out of the courier packets cheer us up and brighten our days. In fact everyone in my family has taken up to reading and from the cover page to the blurb to the story, all of us enjoy discussing books.

Books are a great way to help us de-stress, inspire and motivate us to move forward in life.



Ayushmann Khurrana has co-authored the book ‘Cracking the Code’ with his wife Tahira Kashyap. The book has honest, cute, sweet, embarrassing details about his life and career.

Bollywood always gets my eye. If you have been following me you know that I never miss a chance to read a book that has to do about the glamour world and its people. Reading has helped me to know the the stories behind the big stars. Believe me, Bollywood is not all about page 3 parties but lot of hard work and focus goes in to the making of the superstars. And the most important thing is that not everyone who has a God father has sure chances of success here.  It does give chance to everyone and people with unknown surnames have been successful in carving a niche for themselves.

To know another personal account closely, I gladly showed interest in reading Ayushmann Khurana’s  journey to Bollywood. Thanks for Rupa publications for sending the book to me.  Well I have always been fond of Ayushmann as a TV anchor but I am sure there are not many who do not know him after Paani da Rang. (A song that was a chart-buster for months) Do you know that this song was written by him along with a friend in their college days?


Well for the cover page who other than the actor himself when the book is all about him?  🙂 Its a nice profile picture.  An encouraging word from Karan Johar is indeed a great note to flaunt on the cover page.

To some the title may suggest that it carries a successful mantra for making it in Bollywood but let me tell you no one can share that because I doubt anyone has it. Through ‘Cracking the code’, the actor has shared his own trials and tribulations of pre-stardom days.

The blurb sets the pace. The story delivers what the blurb promises. It is one honest tale that reaffirms the fact that do what makes you happy and do it smartly.  Keep the dream, hope, desire and passion alive and eventually you will make it one day.

Whats the code?

Actor, singer, VJ, RJ, anchor Ayushmann Khurrana has lived through a journey and believes that his life follows a pattern, a code of sorts and nothing happened out of luck for me but it was more about things taking place at a sub-conscious level (karma it could be).

His book is no formula or guidebook but a witty, insightful package that simply tells an encouraging story of a Chandigarh lad who makes it in Bollywood. It ins’t preachy and has no filmy gyaan to lend.

Read it for..

  • Ayushmann Khurarana, the boy who has always believed that he was meant to be an actor always.
  • To read about his believable journey from Channel V’s show Popstars to his latest release under Yash Raj banner- Dum Laga Ke Haisha.
  • To know why its important to be presentable and at the same time know yourself, be yourself and respect yourself!
  • To read the codes and apply them accordingly in your own life.
  • To know about some of the most humiliating experiences of his life and have a hearty laugh. ( We all have our set of goof-ups)
  • Whom does he call on every teacher’s day?
  • Why was it easy for him to play a role of sperm donor?
  • The letter that he wrote to Shahrukh Khan during his struggling days.
  • What happened when he asked Karan Johar for his number?
  • How it all happened for the actor from RJing to MICA to Vicky Donor?

Thumps Up:

Tahira must be congratulated for being in Ayushmann’s life, standing by him during all phases.  I am sure she knows him really well  to help him with a book too.

I finished the book in one long sitting. Its entertaining no doubt but I loved it more because its very honestly put down. I found it encouraging too. Every page tells you that there is a brighter side to life.  Even the smallest of things are contributing for the big thing to happen one day.

My inspiring take-aways…

When there’s no humility, there’s enough room for stupidity.

If you are preparing for something, there is no way you wouldn’t get a chance to prove yourself.

Be pragmatic along with being emotionally idealistic.

Never let go of an opportunity!!!


After reading the book, I would definitely want to meet Ayushmann and his wife one day. I would request him to sing ‘Paani da rang’ for me.  🙂

Happy Reading!!!

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