Knock Knock, 2015 is here. A very Happy New Year to my readers!!

Captured at the entrance of Promenade Mall, Vasant Kunj

As a child, Merry Xmas meant a Cake and a gift from Carolene Aunty, my next door neighbor in Lucknow. The huge shiny star at the entrance of her house, the aroma of the Christmas candles, the beautiful Christmas tree in the front garden and the Plum Cake which she used to bake for the children of the colony was part of my childhood days every year until we shifted to Delhi. To learn about the festive spirit, my parents would always take me to the nearest church and my eyes would love to feast to the treat of the beautiful Christmas tree. I have always loved them and with age the fascination for the star-studded ever green conifer tree (artificial or real) has grown manifold. I hold a wish that some day I will decorate a large one in my house.

Hubby had a long holiday stint of 7 days and I decided to lap up my saved leaves of the year to be with him. Well while friends were going on road trips and holidays, we weren’t keen on a vacation because it had just been a month when he has returned from Uganda (Africa) and a mere ten days for me when I have returned from my short Kochi trip. We both were happy to be in Delhi because last year we had missed the fun of our city. When the calendar had changed year in the beginning of 2014, we had celebrated it in Riyadh where we dint get to see a single Christmas tree and if it were not hubby’s team members, we would have had no one to greet a “Merry Christmas’ or ‘Happy New Year’ too. In Riyadh, more than 30 % expats live and thrive but only Islam religion is allowed to be practiced and celebrated openly, other festivals are usually celebrated within the houses.

To make up for the last year, this year I lived it like a child and went around the city to capture the colors of Christmas and cheer of New Year!  I found some of the best decorations in the Delhi mall’s. The festive glow was beautifully wrapped in red, green and white colors.


 Christmas symbolizes the day when Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem, Judea.

Picture taken in one of the Catholic Church near my house


When Christ was born, the angels, shepherds, the villagers, everyone followed the North star and traveled to see HIM as a newly born baby. Yes, they all came with gifts.


The picture shows a mini setup of the auspicious birth moment of Jesus Christ



‘Jingle Bells’, ‘Oh Holy Night’ , Santa Claus Is Coming to Town’….I love these Christmas carols that have captured the traditional fervor and gaiety for years to come.

When everyone came together to celebrate the sacred birth of Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


This picture was captured at Ambiance Mall, Vasant Kunj



Not just me, everyone’s fascination for the gift loaded Christmas trees has grown with age.

This one looks no less than a yummy treat. Isn’t it?


While the above picture looked tempting, this colorful Christmas Tree will make you go grumping in the stomach.

The Chef decided to play with the Macaroons and make them more irresistible.

Christmas Tree at Food Hall at DLF Promenade


Huge, Shiny and pepped up in Golden and blue Paper.  In my view the idea had a vague resemblance to the pyramid outside the Louvre Museum, Paris.


Christmas Tree that stood on the open terrace of Ambiance Mall, Vasant Kunj


Silver bells, glowing star at the top ringed in the festive season at the connecting terrace of the two malls. As shoppers moved from DLF Promenande to enter the DLF Emporio, the below Christmas tree adorned with silver balls and glowing lights looked beautiful in the dusky background.



 DLF Emporio – India’s first and finest luxury destination had this beautiful tree to offer. The sparkling tree looked unique in its shiny, glowing elements. I loved the crystal balls.



There was a warm and artistic glow about this Christmas tree as well which stood upright on the first floor of DLF Emporio. The placard next to it shows it was Gaurav Gupta’s (one of the leading fashion designer of India) stylish way of wishing us all a festive Xmas.


Designer Christmas tree

Christmas Fiesta in White Cheer.

This one caught my attention because I loved the snowy look about it.


 Beautifully decked up, more than 30 feet Christmas tree to catch every child’s attention!

Larger than life and most Colorful Christmas tree that I came across.  Red and green rockets zooming around made it look absolutely cheery and vibrant. Santa Claus in red on the top was like a cherry on the cake. I am sure the children would have loved this one most.


 Yes, it was too huge and  I look so small in front of it.


The Toys, Gift Boxes, White tree cutouts, Flowers, Glowing ribbons, Bright Christmas lights, Train moving on a track, Cute Bells, Big, Colorful Candles hanging from the roof around a magnificent Christmas Tree looked amazing in the central hall of the Select City Walk, Saket Mall


I am sure this was again more than 30 feet Christmas tree, involving a huge lot of work for makers to decorate the mall. Indeed we loved it and it was a great way to make the shoppers savor and enjoy the festive feel.


You wanna see how huge it was, see the pic below when I clicked it in the vertical frame.


My hubby!


 The Christmas bell anchored on the lamp-post looked beautiful both in the day and night.


 The whole planetary look of the DLF Place was wonderful. The stars, balls, planets in red, green, blue colors were indeed pampering and eye arresting. I wanted to bring one of the Saturn ball home and hang it in my house.



Promotions, Exciting Offers and spectacular shopping deals added to the festive cheer for the shoppers.

Costa Coffee ensured it hung around everywhere in DLF PLACE.


 Select City Walk chose to shine in red, green and golden lights in the inside. The roof looked beautiful this way. 

 Its winter time and I loved these cute teddies all cuddled together. The girl is Red is the Santa!


 Smoke House Deli had come up with this creative piece to invite the foodies. The combination of Red and White looks great as well.


This beautiful decoration created at the entrance was great way to greet shoppers and usher in the festive spirit. On the New year eve, we chose to spend the day at one of the Delhi’s mall that I love visiting again and again. I ate, met friends, made merry, shopped a little and returned with lots of beautiful clicks.


The entrance looked beautiful in the night. The Buddha statue outside Select Citywalk In the Night, the festive decorations and the glowing facade of Select City Walk looked beautiful.

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