Kangana Ranaut

Hey, U know this, No,
Aye, U know that, No,
Don’t be afraid, Don’t be shy, Look Around,
Click the site and Just Ask Me!


No less than Super Shopping Mall,

Come One,  Come Double,  Come All,

Lovely discounts and prices are sweet and Small,

AskMe Bazaar makes a shopping destination for everyone short and Tall.



There is so much freedom to explore,

Be it at home or in office or by the side of sea shore,

Check the site, take a break while doing office or house chore,

The deals are fantastic and one can’t stop before eyeing lots more.


No limitation of choices,

Together many sellers having their voices,

Search, compare,  bargain and buy with rejoices,

Absolutely it’s fun with brilliant prices and poises.


Ask Me is a Bazaar that makes Online shopping comfortable than Lane shopping,

I like the prices too, its hassle free without additional capping and topping,

No walking around, no crowd, its only about product and prices hopping,

Hit the site, avail the offers, catch the valentine contest and go Mumbai galloping.


It’s one time register as a seller and then it’s done,

Big to small, it’s becoming everyone’s one-stop destination,

From Sidney Sheldon to Chetan Bhagat’s book,

You get here all at one table that helps you to make a great cook.


Cosmetics to clothes to appliances to decorative to peripherals,

Shop@AskMeBazaar and share your referrals,

The Love fest is going great guns on the site,

Where Kangana Ranaut takes you for a ride.


I appreciate her work and I would want to go out with her because it will make me happy. In her last  movie Queen, she has send the message across that its all about loving oneself before others, then why not on this Valentine.



I have blogged for #ItsMyLoveAffair and #KanganaBeMyValentine blogging contest.


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