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Abode of Snow,
Remote, dynamic, majestic and romantic,
One that breathes out diversity of cultures,                         Adorned in lengths and breaths of superlatives,
The deepest, the tallest, the highest and the grandest,
Breath-taking and wondrous there couldn’t be anything more,
One that is incredibly beautiful and culturally fascinating,
Ah! the mortal traveler in me has caught fascination of the spectacular Himalayas!

It is the one that houses it all,
Enticing and Exhilarating experiences,
Lovely peaks, gushing rivers and glaciers,
The lush green valleys, pristine lakes,
Snow-capped peaks and scenic rivers,
Not to forget the Iconoclastic landmarks,
Varied and rich vegetation,
No less, the mecca for great adventurers and mountaineers.


Awestruck, as I read more and see its pictures,
There comes a wish on my lip and a dream in my eyes,
With a lust to see the gorgeous landscapes in real,
My heart wishes to experience the Himalayan culture,
The curious traveler in me wishes to explore its scenery,
Witness the ancient Buddhist monasteries,
Find my way through the pine forests,
And more, catch the tunes of the gushing sound of water.

The poem happened to as me spontaneously and for this I would blame the  hypnotic effect of the holy Himalayas which have been on my both surfing and reading list lately. (The book that I just winded up last night is the monk’s memoir who lives in the fascinating Himalayas.)

Honestly, for the first time I have been touched with the most daring thought of my life, why can’t I go and see the Himalayas? The magnificently humongous landscapes are giving me a shout-out. Maybe its time to test strength and power against steep climbs, suspension trails, tricky ascends and descends and more. (As my friends and family know me this may sound the most crazy thing to them because I am always the last one to be associated  with adventure.)

I want to believe that the mountains really want me to come over, explore, discover and write wonderful stories about them. Before I name trekking on my dreamy Himalayan itinerary, I am more excited about night camping, seeing the mountain life closely, watching the sunset, sunrise, experiencing continuous raining in between the nature trails, walking through the transition from jungles to mountains to snow and most importantly undergoing a personal meditating experience by being close to nature’s aura.  All this together defines Adventure for me.

To prepare myself better, I have been reading inspiring blog-posts from travelers across the globe. A lot of first timers who had no experience in trekking actually made their dream journey to the Himalayas. Inspired is me! Hope I get to live my journey soon.

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Written by

Manjulika Pramod

An engineer who loves to be called a blogger more!
Traveler, short-story writer, voracious reader, foodie is the better me!
Reading, eating, traveling, exploring, observing and blogging are the beautiful highs of my life.