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Festa de Diu:  The secrets are out. Get packing!!!


Diu is quiet, different and mesmerizing in all seasons. But what if I tell you that next three months are gonna be super amazing there. I have never visited Diu, the town that lies at the eastern end of Diu Island and I am really looking forward to be a part of the fun that the island is preparing for. If you have been planning to go to Ilha de Calma, I am gonna give you a bucketful of reasons to be there and embrace the tranquility. Here is an interview with the administration where they  reveal everything about the LONGEST BEACH FESTIVAL OF ASIA.





What is Festa de Diu?

We are trying to create a special experience for all those who visit Diu – It will be a unique blend of heritage, culture, adventure and nature which would make it memorable for all those who come to Diu.  Our website festadiu.com gives the complete week wise thematic breakup and provides an avenue for online booking too.



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Week by Week… Lets mark the Calendar!



I am really very excited about world’s longest beach festival. What will be the highlights of the event?

The President of India will launch the festival on December 1.  A special festival village has been created on the beach with 60 modern tents, and an adventure zone with Bungee jumping, zip lining and hot air balloon.  A rich cultural extravaganza has been planned at various locations of the city for the entire duration.


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Art, Culture and Music in DIU



Is Diu all set and ready to delight the domestic and international travelers? What are the special preparations?

We have created an experience which will have something for everyone.   A restro-bar and spa in the festival village will add to all the other amenities mentioned above.  A new air connection with a tie up with Air India has enhanced the connectivity options.



I can see that this event has all the potential to pitch Diu as a global tourism destination. How many tourists are you looking at?

Well, being the first year, I wont like to put a number to the festival but we estimate that on the whole tourist arrivals in Diu will touch 25 lakh this year.



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There is gonna be a Festival Village!



Tell us one reason why one should not miss this Diu festival?

As I said earlier, the festival has something for everyone – and Diu, being the pristine Isle of Calm – our own “Ilha de calma” has always been a destination which draws the people away from the hustle and bustle of city life.



At the fest, will the travelers be pampered with the local delights or you are looking to offer a global feel?

Largely it will be a mix of Indian classical, folk and Bollywood dance and music this year.  May be next year on we take it to a new level.



Festa De Diu-Luxury Tent Residents
Whats up at the Festival Village?



What is one thing that is unique and special to Diu? Will the festival showcase it?

Diu has a rich heritage going back to Portuguese times and stunning moments, baroque architecture adds to the charm of whole place.  Apart from being “Ilha de calma”– it has a distinct feel which you wont find anywhere else.  A modern cycle track, to encourage green mobility will also be a distinct feature.


Enjoy the Cultural Extravaganaza, Festa De Diu
Book accommodation and get free access to the performances



What does Diu have that Goa does not. The Sun Burn festival gets a huge inflow.  Can this festival stand in competition?

Diu is a well laid down city and street architecture, has streaming moments, pristine beaches and a pervading sense of calm.  It is also 90 minutes away from Gir and Somnath which make it an interesting part of religious circuit and also a destination for the nature/wildlife enthusiast.  We are not competing with any other festival and don’t aim at the EDM space at all.



Festa De Diu-Adventure Zone-Adrenaline Zone
For the adventure freaks!



The festival needs to be promoted really well. How is the administration looking at this important aspect?

We have launched a national branding campaign on all TV channels and are also roping in social media and conducting road shows.



What other initiatives are being taken to promote tourism in Diu?

We are inviting bids to set up luxury resorts in Diu on a PPP basis and taking concrete measures to enhance connectivity.



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How to reach Diu?



Hope this was helpful! If you have any queries around the fest, do put them in the comment below. Also do let me know if you are planning to come along. Lets gang up!

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