I have confessed it many times that Bollywood fraternity has a fan in me and I never fail to take my daily dose of gossips from entertainment section of newspapers, websites or magazines. So when I was offered to read a book that has ‘bollywood’ in its title and much to offer in the blurb, I did not have the courage to deny it.  Further more, I had read Author Rishi Vohra’s first book and had appreciated it for its touching and unique story line.

Its been three years to marriage and new family, so the folks at my place know it well that if the doorbell rings in the afternoon, it has to be the courier boy with a parcel in hand meant for me. I always like returning home to find new books waiting for me.

On Monday, there was only one book that was waiting for me. I unpacked it instantly. First thing first, the vibrant colors of the cover page impressed me. Must say its creatively done and will definitely grab attention from readers.  But before I could move my hand to turn over the pages,  ‘Hritik Roshan’ and ‘John Abraham’, the names of the macho men of Bollywood caught my attention. Yes, the top of the cover page carries ‘words about the book’ from them and they  both have some really interesting things to say about it.

Whats in?

Rayhan, the protagonist is in Berkeley and is unhappily applying for financial jobs not because he aspires to but because his father, Mr. Arora has decided a career for him in America. More, he has fixed his marriage too with an Indian girl born and brought up in western influence. So its all decided for the boy whose heart is into something else.

However, life isn’t always sorted and for Rayhan its just not to be until he musters courage to go for his passion. Now this isn’t a cakewalk, when you aspire to be a film-maker in Hindi film industry which is a mystical world where success stories are too less in comparison to the dreamers and aspirants.

But as the book begins with the lovely quote from Jim Carrey,  “You can fail at what you don’t want. So you might as well take a chance on doing what you love.” we know that Rayhan has to take the plunge. He comes to Mumbai on a secret mission. A few helping hands make his life easy and a few on the way add to his misery. As the story progresses, one gets to read about star tantrums, intricacies involved during film shoots, people involved in different aspects of the film making, etc.  And then at one point of time, when it seems its all hunky dory for Rayhan, things fall apart and the dream seems lost again but not for long. There is a surprise ending and its kinda sweet.

Overall, its a chic-lit but honestly the book disappointed me.  At most of the places the book fails to impress. Even the characters in the story do not connect with the readers. The film shooting, description of Mumbai, getting a chance at film making, it all seemed too superficial to me as a reader. In fact the initial chapters are boring too. Its only after Rayhan comes to India that story moves and becomes  readable. But again there were so many unwanted and loose scenes in the book that as a reader I lost interest in Rayhan’s ‘hardly any struggle story’.

No doubt its a quick read but it lacks elements to be called a great read except that it comes with a wonderful message that come what may, we should pursue things what we love most.  Give in your best, things will happen. The characters of Peter and Mangala were the best in the book. The mystery around Voila is another good thing about the book.

It’s a one time read if you genuinely love Bollywood and all that drama that comes with it. Well even Salman Khan’s guest appearance in the story does not do much to impress the reader. Thus, as its said in hindi film industry, it’s always the plot that sells and makes an impact. This one was pretty weak.




Thank you Jaico and Rishi Vohra for sending the book to me.

Happy Reading!!!

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