On Sunday I was invited to the below event and I had a great time in exploring and learning the depths of professional make up and its science with KRYOLAN

Ev​ENT:  KRYOLAN ​​New Product’s Launch and International Make-Up Trends Presentation by Tara Moghaddam

Venue:  KRYOLAN City, A-7, Lajpat Nagar II​, New Delhi

We Color The World at Kryolan city

The event showcased some unique and innovative fashion make up trends and styles. It was fun and interactive. It helped me understand the difference between professional make-up and everyday beauty make-up. The walk-around the showroom introduced me to a wide range of Kryolan products and its awesome palette of colors. 

I walked in Kryolan city at 11.30 a.m., met other bloggers, walked around the showroom to explore the products. The Kryolan team was extremely co-operative and helpful and told us about the different products , shades and the color intensities. Later, Tara Moghaddham, the make-up artist, educator and trainer from London presented different realms of fashion make-up and educated us on the globally acclaimed latest trends. She also told us that why getting creative is easy with Kryolan because the same products can be used for eyes, cheeks and lips. There are no restrictions and its fun to do experiments.

She presented three make up designs too and it was fun to learn it all. Finally, there was some interesting product launch too. I loved the body jewels.

Professional Make Up

Fashion and makeup is part of lifestyle and I was inspired to get fashionable.  I also leaent why Kryolan says ‘Make up is a science’ for them. Kryolan is also doing their great efforts over running educational seminars explaining advanced application techniques of make-up, innovations in high definition and the international perspective of creative make-up. The whole event was enjoyed over wine and yummy snacks.

The CEO, Mr. Pradeep Kumar  from Kryolan City , Delhi was a great host. He gave us insight in to Kryolan’s background.  He told us about Kryolan and its extremely high quality standards. 
Interesting things that I learnt about Kryolan and would want to share with my readers are:
  • Kryolan is the global brand for professional make up. It has an experience of more than 7 decades of Professional Make Up. 
  • It has a wonderful range of more than 16,000 items in 750 shades.
  • Headquarted in Berlin, Germany its an independent make up brand that’s has a strong Research and Innovation team and a strong network in more than 80 countries. 
  • Kryolan products are distinguished by extraordinary compatibility, complex practicability and make-up durability. 
  • Kryolan has implemented scientific technology in its labratory which is rarely used for cosmetic purposes.
  • Kryolan production department is also utilizing advanced micro-ionization technology.
  • It has a make up range that can be applied by make -up artists around the world without difficulties.

If I had not attended the event, I wouldn’t learnt about its range of products. You may explore too and let me know if you have been using its products until I come back with product reviews.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures above?

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