Like I always say curiosity and the desire to explore something new in me takes me to different places. This time I was invited to an international event on pastry delights and I keenly went around to see what goes behind baking and pastry industry. It was a happy occasion as Academy of Pastry Arts was launching its first set up in India. The academy is already a famous one in Malaysia. And now first of its kind, an international academy for pastry cooking has forayed into the Indian market.

I wanted to know more about the chefs who experiment and tantalize our eyes and taste buds both with their art of cooking. Let me start on a high note,  I met Ewald Notter, the World Pastry Champion here and loved capturing him making a beautiful Sugar sculpture. Before the event, I did not even know that there exists an art  where artistic centerpieces are composed of crystallized sugar and its melts.

Sugar Art that is called Pull and Blow   (All of it below is made up of Sugar)

I also learnt that several competitions that place where one has to make sugar sculptures. Also they are becoming alternatives to wedding cakes too. It was so much fun to see sugar in different form, Pressed sugar, Pulled sugar, blown Sugar, Cast sugar etc.




Sugar Sculptures made by the students of the Academy in a three day workshop

At the inauguration time, it was a celebrating time for Mr.Niklesh Sharma, Director, Academy of Pastry Arts.  He had a vision for the people who want to take up this art as a career. The academy is here to redefine interest levels in the domain of Pastry and Baking Arts and this is such a great concept. If you have a passion for breads, cakes, cookies or pastries, you must be happy because India has a school now. For those who want to do pastry business and open patisseries nothing could be more benefiting than a place like this where you are honed to take up the job.  Its a great news for Aspirant pastry chefs as well.

Later when I had a word with the Director, he also told me that for ten years he worked in the industry and still he did not know much about chocolates that he was using for his pastries and baking. Basically, we do things but we don’t understand the intricacies involved. Thus, through his school he wants the students to know the basics and the complexities of this art.

Highlights of the event…

  • World Class pastries and Chef’s Exotic Sugar Displays were there for us on the launch day.
  • Some renowned pastry chefs graced the occasion too
  • It got a huge media coverage and I am glad these courses are being encouraged with open arms
  • Tay Chee Siang and Tan Wei Loon, both Asia Pastry Champions interacted with people there
  • Niklesh Sharma,Executive Pastry Chef  talked about its concept, beginning and announced the launch of its latest Part time and Full Time courses


To gain the exposure to world class baking techniques and standards, its important that we stand up to the world and learn the skills and creativity that goes in this art. And more that just Art, food has always been a science. Lot depends on the right selection of the ingredients.

I walked around the academy and it smelled good to me. Also the kitchens were  spacious and  complete with baking tools, equipment and ingredients.  While I am the last person who thinks of spending time in kitchen,  I am tempted to learn baking some day.  More I am excited for the learners who can easily enroll and take up the course where there isn’t a qualifying exam. After all everyone deserves to be given an opportunity to learn.

Lastly I went around drooling over the gastronomical delights crafted by the professional chefs there. What a treat it was to the eyes!!




When I returned I immediately called up a friend who loves baking and told her to explore the courses.

Yes, the prices are on a high side but if your compare it with other international schools, you will realize its worth it. Of course its not meant for a hobby course but for some serious business.

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