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Money runs the world. It may not promise the highs of life but definitely makes an essential necessity for survival. I need money for fulfilling my dreams, buying amazing books, traveling to exotic locales and decorating my house. There are others who have dreams for their children to study well and get married pompously. For most of us all, a fret-free retirement is another reason to worry about money. Thus, precisely we need money for two purposes. Firstly, to help us sustain in the present and secondly, to secure our future.

It is important to invest for a Secure Future

We all work hard to earn money but we fail miserably when it comes to managing our finances. We know every aspect of a free game on our mobile phone but we do not understand any bit around our insurance policies for which we pay every year. All said and done, it is never too late to start. Believe me, financial planning seemed like a complicated term to me but once I had my short-term and long-term goals sorted, I knew I had to begin saving. You just need to find your reasons for saving and investing if ‘saving for your future’ looks too generalized or vague to get you kicking.

Financial Goals to Profitable Investments

Just like the other goals of life, financial goals need our utmost attention. There are many ways to build on the capital and liquidity but it is important to start first. We need to take charge of our money and learn to invest as per our income and convenience. In order to multiply wealth, one has to block money in some form or the other for certain fixed period of time. Systematic monthly planning is a great way to start with. Understanding the technicalities and differences between the investment options should be the next thing to do. It isn’t difficult to segregate that insurance policy is meant for life coverage, a bond gives income and stability both, property adds to the asset and mutual funds give attractive returns in favorable market conditions. We must tune ourselves to financial advises. No less, educating ourselves with more profitable investments should be an on-going process. Overall, to become a regular investor, we must keep our eyes and ears open for profitable investments.

Watch for smart investment ideas

As an investor it is important to take advantage of profitable situations like today. India is on its path to recovery and glory. Financial products are bound to make profit if Indian economy continues to grow positively. Looking at this scenario, New India Portfolio can be a good investment if you have money to spare for long term and you wish to maximize the potential of India’s growing and promising economy. Keeping it short and crisp, NIP can be understood as a collection of four mutual funds (A diversified fund, A mid-cap fund , A diversified theme fund , A long-term debt fund. ) that have been hand-picked after careful, unbiased, quantitative and qualitative in-depth research by Mutual Funds experts of FundsIndia.

Everyone eyes high ROI (Return of Investment) and stability. These four funds promise both with least risk involved. Also, while making investments, a good advice is no less than a winning strategy. One must go for advice from them who understand the market well. FundsIndia is one such simple and convenient online platform that guides with right investments and offers best opportunities to gain wealth in long-term scenarios.

Money  grows  Wealth

To be financially secure, one must invest regularly. Investing the extra money for long term is always a good idea. You should not let short term fluctuations affect you. Mutual funds are a good investment and they reap in good profit if chosen wisely. Always go for a strategy and have a well-constructed plan. One must research well for smart investment ideas. This is the right time to join in India’s growth story.

Mutual fund investments are subject to market risks. Please read the scheme information and other related documents carefully before investing. Past performance is not indicative of future returns. Please consider your specific investment requirements before choosing a fund, or designing a portfolio that suits your needs.

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