If you live in Delhi-NCR and are craving for a short holiday to yourself or a family weekend getaway, let me suggest you to drive down NH-8 and take a stop-over at Neemrana fort. Last week I got a chance to experience the historic setting and old charm of this palatial architecture and indeed I enjoyed my time within its periphery. I was lucky with only three hours in hand and thus I used it best by clicking pictures. Honestly, this wasn’t enough and now I am tempted for a stay-over.


Neemrana facade

Built in 1464, this beautiful fort is a hotel resort now


Neemrana fort has a palatial look and its eye catching building connects you to the history of 15th century. It is situated on a hillock in the vicinity of Aravali hills around Alwar.  Re-built from its ruins, this heritage property was restored in 1986 and it was opened for public in 1991 and now it is one of the 27 Neemrana ‘non- hotel’ Hotels. 

There are winding staircases. There are lovely open terraces. There are interesting rooms. There is a beautiful amphitheater, there are two beautiful swimming pools, there are conference rooms and spa facilities too. And lately the ziplining activity is an added fuun here. Altogether it makes a unique setting in a historical frame.



Neemrana fort is beautiful from inside


There is nothing to do around the fort but lots to do inside


The moment I entered, my eyes loved its colorfulness and vibrancy

Colorful flora and fauna makes for its added beauty. Its got beautiful indoor setting. There is something really very attractive about its traditional charm and historical look.  Few hours of my stay inside the palatial facade really got me curious about its nook and crannies.



Green and colorful corners in Neemrana



The white flowers overlook the city behind

The ambiance is lovely and the scenic view around is very soothing. The hills, the greens and the flowers make a eye-catching combination. I am told by a friend who has stayed there that everyday breakfast, lunch and dinner is served at different settings and except water there is no room-service available thus you have to step out to be under the sky. This sounded really fun to me.



One of the entrance to take you at the higher level


We were a group of 15 bloggers who were invited over for BOLT drive and our destination of the drive was Neemrana. Seriously, it made for the day and the drive on a hot Sunday afternoon. By the time we reached here at Jalgiri, (hall booked for us), we were all tired but the attractive palace, its gorgeous setting, historic feel really got us on our toes and made us asking for a guide to take us around. The staff instantly helped us and acquainted us to a few sections of the palace. For the whole I am sure it needs a day.


Terrace has beautiful gardens _Neemrana

The Neemrana palace is a 55 rooms hotel


I call myself a blogger and not a photographer. However,  I love to complement my write-ups with photographs but please don’t judge me on its quality. This fort definitely gave me lovely pictures with different angles. Thus, I call it  absolutely photogenic! The professionals will do marvelous job with it.


The city view is gorgeous but these flowers are beautiful too


The open terraces maintained with manicured flowers lend a very romantic setting to the place. While we walked around the different sections of the Mahal, we got to see the old and authentic from the Kings and their kingdom. The chandeliers, the lovely arches, the huge paintings, the iron and wooden doors spoke of royalty.


The Neemrana fort is unique because of its setting and also because its a fort converted into a hotel.


Walk around was fun

The sun shone bright and the afternoon was lovely here. I am sure the sunset time and dinner time under the star studded sky makes the night stay-over worth it.  If you have been here, please let me know about your experience.


Prasad aka Desi Traveler


The antique and colorful table and chair settings

We did have our high tea in Jalgiri and the snacks were good. Just that I forgot to take a click of the food.


Neemrana has Seven palace wings over six acres across 12 levels


The traditional authenticity is just not complete without the local folk music

Before we were about to call it a day and return to Gurgaon, the playing of folk music gave the final touch to the Rajasthani attraction and its traditional glamour.


Lampshade captured inside Neemrana fort



This 15th century property is absolutely charming

We stayed here till 7-30 but since we were inside Jalgiri, I missed taking pictures of sun-set.


And here I bid goodbye!

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