Mind Rocks 2015 Youth Summit, Event Coverage

Follow your dreams no matter what…. 
Success has no shortcuts but to be successful, there has to be a deep desire. Keep doing to be there where you want to be…  they all said it differently but meant the same!



Be happy in your own skin… Says Sonam Kapoor
“Everyone has a dream, I also had one. Follow your dream no matter what it is.”  says rapper Badshah




I have been a regular at this event since 2013 and I totally love the concept of fun, glamour and inspiration through live interaction. This youth summit organized by India Today is one event that I always look forward to every year. I call it a celebrity day. This year when I got the invite, I was in Mumbai and could not attend the event. But I am glad that my friend Akanksha from Direct Dil Se  agreed to attend and cover the event. As always it was one rocking day and she had a superb time.


We see them on television and follow their work but when we see them so close and hear them talk, its a different feeling altogether. And to many its about living the fan-girl or fanboy moment. As far as the young and vibrant celebrities are concerned, I would say they are just like us but they are there because they have dared to live their dreams. 


Mind Rocks, complete coverage


From the Sirifort Auditorium…. 


Last Saturday was a day I would remember for long. It was a star-studded day and I could barely keep my excitement in check. It was thrilling to see it all unfold in front of my eyes. India Today Group did a great effort to make it an inspiring day for young minds and I came back re-fueled with a fire in my belly to chase my dreams.


The audience was varied as the students from all across the country who had assembled at Sirifort Auditorium to witness the event. Seeing the enthusiastic students, I was transported back to my own days at Delhi University, when I got a chance to be a part of such events. Memories came rushing back as I settled in the front row, at a seat reserved for the ‘media’. I could not stop wondering how I managed to cover the distance from one of the back ‘audience’ seats to the one which was reserved for media. It’s an interesting story to tell and maybe I’ll pen it down someday.


The day was power packed with discussions with eminent personalities from the Indian Startup Scene, Politics, Media, Bollywood, Cricket, Music, NGOs, Dance and many other fields of life. Each one of these Youth Icons had an inspiring story to narrate and it was quite evident that the audience enjoyed their dream like life stories.


The CEO of Oyo rooms at Mind Rocks


It all began with Ritesh Agarwal, the 21 year old CEO of OyoRooms, sharing his tale and vision for future. Everyone listened how this young boy is managing his own company and is the youngest employee there. The concept of ‘Bed and breakfast’ has become famous with Indian travelers too. Thanks to him.


Jayant Sinha at Mind Rocks, India Today event, What is Mind Rocks?


Then, Mr Jayant Sinha, Minister of State for Finance took over and steered the stage towards a political discussion. Though he wasn’t ready to admit anything that could embarrass the BJP later on, Mr Sinha answered things diplomatically, even when the queries revolved around beef-ban. Also, it was amazing to learn that he is an IIT graduate, was an investment banker for years, before he quit it all for politics. Here is a man, learned enough to handle the ministry he is a part of – and it felt that maybe, the change we all wanted so badly is round the corner. If only politics of beef gives way to real development and let the young blood take over.


Sonam Kapoor at Mind Rocks


A serious discussion later, it was time for Bollywood heart-throb and fashion icon Sonam Kapoor to rock the stage. The excitement in the air was super and she entered the stage on the beats of huge claps from students. Sonam talked about the importance of being confident in one’s own skin as well as that of staying happy and being thankful for what one has, rather than being sad for what one wants to have. Next up was the handsome hunk Siddharth Malhotra, and the teenage girls just couldn’t hold it any longer when the man came on stage. There was madness all around. I sat back and witnessed a couple of girls fool the bouncers and get on stage to click a selfie with Siddharth. Teenage Crush. Isn’t it the sweetest? Siddharth talked of how, being an outsider in Bollywood didn’t hold him back in cracking great roles with the biggest of movie makers and how dreaming big is such an important first step towards achieving those dreams.


Siddharth Malhotra at Mind Rocks, The Delhi boy in Bollywood


Next up on stage was musician and Youtube sensation, Arjun. He sang a few melodious songs for us, even a little bit from his next one, to be out in January. Arjun’s story had a really interesting angle- that he was always a musician even though he didn’t have enough real resources to be one. He created music using a phone and a computer and now is a Youtube sensation who has worked with the likes of the great Asha Bhonsle. Where there is a will, there is a way.


Arjun at Mind Rocks 2015- India Today youth event


Next up was Sophia, a rapper from Kodaikanal who did the famous Kodaikanal Won’t rap that went viral on social media and led to Uniliver cleaning their mess from the city, which they had conveniently brushed away earlier. What various NGOs and petitions couldn’t achieve, a video going viral did.


Seriously, I couldn’t believe that so much was happening in just one day. The feeling was amazing to hear these young celebrities talk to so close and personal. The day progressed with a number of other personalities from various walks of life sharing their stories and inspiring young minds but this one will get too long to keep you hooked on the screen. Do hold on for the next post coming soon….


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