India is my country and I live in its vibrant capital city, New Delhi. I love traveling and exploring other countries and culture but at the same time I am mesmerized by the vastness of my own homeland. If you have been fascinated by our beautiful tales, its time to pack your bags, come and visit our magical land.


India with its century old civilization, grand historic monuments, exotic locations and interesting culture is one of the most popular country for the tourists. India is a vast country, which is blessed with diverse climatic conditions and terrain, the fact which should be kept in mind before planning trip to India. Also, it is a developing country which can prove to be daunting and chaotic for newcomers, if proper planning is not done. Here, are some tips which can help you in getting maximum out of your trip and would assist in enjoying to the fullest.


1. Plan places to visit and things to do

As I have said earlier, India is a vast country that has plethora of tourist attractions with its own charm and beauty. There are beautiful beaches and tropical scenery in the South, lush green hill stations in the North, popular forests in the center, the thriving metropolises spread all across country and the birth place of Buddhism in the East. Among tourist hotspots Taj Mahal in Agra, the red fort and Qutub Minar in Delhi and Golden Temple in Amritsar are most popular. In the south, Kerala is known as God’s own country. As you have seen that these attractions are spread all over country, which makes it important to plan where you want to go. If this isn’t done you may waste lot of time in travelling rather than enjoying your trip.


2. When to visit

Another point which tourist should consider carefully. For example, if you plan to visit south and central parts in summer season, you would severely struggle with hot scorching weather which paralyses all activities. Similarly, in winter almost every hill station in North is unsuitable for travel, with Ladakh being completely closed off at that time period. The eastern region is swamped by rainwater in the Monsoons. Also, the tourists should plan their trip in such a way that they could experience the vibrant and carnival atmosphere of festivals such as Holi, Diwali and Durga Puja.


3. Don’t plan too much

The urge to plan every detail could be extremely stressful in chaotic countries such as India. The tourists should have freedom to enjoy their travels and experience something which they haven’t expected.


4. Be careful about what you eat or drink

The tourists should always drink bottled and sterilized water. In many places, the water is unsuitable for those who aren’t accustomed to tap water which could be unsettling for your entire system. And, in some places the water quality is absolutely poor. Also, the tourists should be careful while trying street food. The sharp spices used by many street side vendors could be too much for your delicate digestive system.


5. Look for deals 

A trip to India could be an expensive affair, so visit popular Indian travel websites such as, Travelguru and, expedia and coupon deal websites such as for cheap and attractive deals. These websites offer deals in almost everything ranging from plane tickets to hotel bookings. You can also grab discount for shopping in leading retail stores.

Happy Traveling!!!


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