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Last week, Thursday to Sunday was superbly packed. I have absolutely no reason to complain because the four days gave me lovely experiences. As a lifestyle blogger I proved my versatility. From attending a press conference at Germany Embassy (travel related) to being a part of the first day of the #LadiesNight at Story (Westin Gurgaon) to covering Pearl PORTFOLIO 2015 where I got a chance to attend a rocking fashion show that was judged by fashion czar Manish Malhotra to driving down the new TATA BOLT to Neemrana as part of Bolt drives, I did it all.

With this post, I will live through my fun-time at the grounds of NSIC, New Delhi where Portfolio ’15 was organized this year.


Pearl Academy is a leading private institution of India that nurtures talent in fashion, design, style, creation, media and business. It isn’t a new name to me because in the year 2003 when I opted for engineering, my very good friend enrolled at Pearl Academy for a course called Fashion merchandising. In the following year, there was another friend who joined fashion designing from this institute. Today, both of them are doing really good in the fashion world.

To an engineer, Fashion school always sounded very fascinating and interesting. I thought it was all about fun and fashion but then gradually I learnt its not just about clothes, make-up, show-off and all that jazz . Fashion is an art that demands innovation, creation and execution. Lot of science goes into choosing the right cloth for the right design.  And today we have all moved ten steps ahead in our fashion sense.  We not only wish to wear designer clothes but we want exclusive designs for our walls, interesting  rugs and seating options for our drawing room, colorful mugs for our morning coffee. Fashion has found a way in our blood and we all have developed an eye for that ‘hatke’ stuff.  

Thus, comes the need for schools to hone talent and imparts skills to the future designers of the country because the demand is ever-increasing. Pearl academy has been doing great job in fashion industry.

Beyond bookish knowledge, every institute must also give a platform to its students to experiment, create and showcase their work to the credible organizations. The interaction and confrontation with the real world is very important before you step into the maddening crowd of competitors.  Portfolio ’15 was all about this. 

The creative minds of all its 4 branches in Delhi/NCR who are graduating this year were asked to work on projects and show their exemplary work in the form of designs, art, styling etc. Together, it was exhibited in PORTFOLIO ’15 which was an amalgamation of fashion insights, design workshops, exhibitions, ramp shows, style reflections, business opportunities and more. Apart from this two new courses in Jewelry Design and Product Design were also launched. I am glad I got a chance to meet some superbly talented students and the future trend-setters. 

Crochet work done on the Bicycle- It won the Innovative Idea Award

On Day 1 of the event, I walked around the whole covered space to soak in the beauty and talent that was oozing from all corners. I interacted with students and learnt about their innovative concepts. The bicycle adorned the crochet work was a great idea. I quite liked bohemian style fashion. I also came to learn about these art forms – layered objecto,  Iznik art from turkey, Kashi kari designs and was really impressed to see students take on them individually. 

I missed the workshops which I really regret but definitely I made the best of my time by discovering some of the travel projects being done by the communication (media and film) students. Echo of Banaras, Turquoise trails, Travel diary for kids,  Blues were interesting and have scope to do well in future too. 

The student is keenly interested in taking forward her Kashi Kari work The Echo of Banaras was about increasing the excitement among foreign travelers to Varanasi through interesting pre-packaging of the holiday trip


On Day 2, there were interesting panel discussions lined up but the whole buzz was around the fashion show. I made it on time and was delighted to catch the fashion fun on the ramp. It was indeed very refreshing to see some of the best creative works draped around the models.  Beautiful colors cut out in unique patterns pleased the eyes of the audience and I felt they were different as well as quite wearable too. 

Fire up with colors!

Get Fashionable

After the first round of fashion show, the excitement and energy in the Portfolio arena increased because the fashion czar Manish Malhotra was about to arrive. He was the star of the event and the students were really excited to catch up with the fashion guru.  It was a proud moment for the student designers who showcased their work before him in the second round of the ramp show. Manish himself accepted that he had underestimated the creativity of the students of Pearl Academy but was superbly impressed with the walk-around in the exhibition area. This came when the fashion show was yet to unveil. 

Manish Malhotra

The pictures and the slideshow below will give you an idea as to how much fun I had during this fashion show. I got a wonderful seat (one row behind Mr. Malhotra) , of course because I was part of the Media team. It was a great chance to click some amazing photographs but I got so lost in the music, colors, designs, innovation that I enjoyed it live more than I clicked shots. One of the best work of Pearl students was showcased there and I can bet they won an eye of the fashionista Manish Malhotra too. 

Black is in!

Pearl Academy definitely has a credible alumni to its name and I was impressed to see how some of the students have already won international fame to themselves. I really wish much more power to its students who are bundle of talent. More, the event was wonderfully organized and I look forward to seeing more of their work in future. 

15 Interesting Clicks of Day 1 at #PearlPortfolio 15

This road that led to entrance gate number 4 was right next to Govind Puri metro station.  From here there was a long walk into the NSIC arena. Shuttle services were made available by Pearl team.

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