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Curiosity takes me to new places.  As I never forget to mention ‘Blogging is fun’ and no less it given me interesting experiences. Be it fashion events, food fests or product launches I generally prefer to explore everything that’s lifestyle related.  Beyond learning about the new, I always look forward to meet like-minded people, pick on information and bring back something unique to share with my readers.  Today’s post is little offbeat because I haven’t written about kids fashion before but then I wanted to do this for my adorable niece and nephew who make my life beautiful.

Sucre d’Orge & Cie

Recently I was officially invited for a walk-through the flagship store of  Sucre d’Orge & Cie at Select Citywalk, Saket. It is French No. 1 gifting destination for baby products. I had a rendezvous with the director of the brand, Sahil Lamba and it was fun to hear it all from a young Dad. He not only talked about kids fashion, style and comfort but also knew the intricate details of hows and whys behind the clothing and design.  From the inside of the shop, he noticed a man holding a baby of one year and he was quick to point out that he is carrying the baby in the most uncomfortable way. There goes the precision! One must know their job well. 

When I asked him what got him into this business?

To this he honestly accepted that ‘buying and wasting money on all the wrong things for his own kid (two years old) led him into starting this.’

Baby Gifting isn’t easy!

Even though I do not have children of my own, it doesn’t mean I do not go shopping for them. In fact my brother and sister-in-law are new parents and I have done rounds of shopping for my niece and nephew. My friend circle too comprises of young parents and invites of birthday celebrations keep floating without a break.  Buying gifts for young ones is definitely a task that tests my patience.  For the delicate one, you really can’t pick just anything, even though you may not want to go for pricey stuff it has to be nothing less than the best.

The brand that maintains it name…

  • They are a child loving company where the SALMON ARC EN CIEL GROUP has always placed comfort of babies at the heart of their art.
  • It offers five product lines: apparels, bedroom, bath time, soft toys and gift boxes all designed in France Infant specialist.
  • They deal in fabrics like cotton, use fast organic colors and are also very particular about safe and tested toys and games
  • They have  the adorable Doudous, the super cute cuddly toy for babies too
  • Their clothing line adds array of colors and panache to your baby’s wardrobe
  • It provides a variety and range for picking gifts for kids of your loved one.
  • Unlike the other brands, the store offers a free gift wrapping station too
  • Beautiful Summer collection is up  where there is everything from classic dungarees, cute dresses, check shirts and comfort shorts for your babies to slip into.

What caught my eyes?

Indeed the  subtle colors make my favorite from the shop. I loved the European shades that were far from the gaudy red and blue . I wanted them for my own wardrobe if I could just fit in them. The soothing shades of blue, pink, orange looked pretty and comfy absolutely.  I liked the simple designs too. They were gorgeously smart but absolutely hassle-free with the least accessories.  I also enjoyed learning about the baby nest and its use,  toys that were absolutely safe to be put in the mouth of the baby, use of organic colors etc.

My suggestion to the Director was that he must put a board at one corner of the shop which can always share a tip of the day on parenting. There is so much that they look into to ensure kids’ s comfort which they would love to share with all. None would mind learning something new which would help them to pamper their kids better.

There is a science behind everything. I would have never learnt so much behind kids clothing if I had not visited the store. Sometimes its really fun to do the unexpected.  So next time when you are shopping for your own kids or looking for a gifting item for a newly born, do explore this option in Delhi. The other cities will have this french style coming their way soon. 

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