Have you used Quikr lately? What did you sell? …Ohkay, this time you bought a newspaper rack for your living room… Wow…Superr…and you did not even make a phone-call for all of it…


Next time when someone tells you this, you must believe it because our favorite online classified site- Quikr has chosen to evolve and make our transactions easier and smoother. Living up to their tag line- No Fikar, Chat Quikr” , they have introduced a messenger service which will keep the disturbing and fake calls away. Gladly, its very encouraging and will act business boosting too. For me as a buyer or seller, the phone calls were getting irking. There were many times when I could not attend to the calls of the interested buyers  and other times I was not sure if it was the right time to give them a ring back.

Quikr Nxt– It gets a thumps up from my side as texting makes communication easy as well as extremely convenient.   Any day I would prefer a chat over a phone call and the reasons are as below:

  • Book Keeping will become easy. Phone conversations cannot be noted down every time. History of Chats will always contain the contents of discussion.  So until the deal is closed, one always has all the saved messages. Generally, after we talk to the fifth interested person, its obvious that we do not remember everything that the first one said. Once its available on chat, we can always go back to it, read and even the other party cannot back out on the agreement of any sort. Another added advantage, one can share genuine pictures and more than one. So this comes very valuable to me as a customer because the business model has become more transparent.


  • With chatting through messages and exchange of photos of articles to be bought and sold, one can reply as per convenience. Its not necessary that if the buyer is free in the afternoon even the seller is.  At some odd hours making verbal conversation is totally uncalled for but texting is simple. You drop a message or explain the queries and just sleep over. Next day the person will see and come back to you for more. So basically with this addition of messenger, the buyers and sellers can connect at any time. It becomes easy for me now because I can easily reply a chat message in a meeting or when I am sitting among a group of people and am not comfortable in making a conversation.


  • The frequency of typing messages  and being able to contact anyone at any time will make deals happen at quicker pace. For me closing or finding deals over Quikr will become easy even when I am travelling in a cab, in a metro, late night because its difficult to talk at those times but easy to send across messages. I remember once when I had to buy a mobile, I shortlisted seven numbers but just two of them were answered back. Now I can just connect with many of them one after the other irrespective of whatever they maybe busy in.  Person interested will reply otherwise nobody gets bothered.  Also maybe the real time pictures are absolutely convincing that I may not even require to see it and may end up buying it. So overall, it will genuinely save time on both ends.


Let me know what do you think about it?  And also go buying, go selling all through chatting.

This is my post for Happy Hour with Indiblogger and Quikr

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