This post will inspire you to ‘wish for little, sweet things of life’, work hard to achieve them and also help others around us to wish and see them come true. I read this post on Ri(t)ch Styles where she talks about wishes coming true. It was wonderful gesture on her part where she bought a garment steamer for her husband who had been wanting it for ages. On the same lines, I ordered an AirFryer for Mum because she was not just curious about it but wished to have it soon in her kitchen. I knew she would make the best of it.

My mum is a great cook

She is always on a lookout for new recipes to try and surprise us. In fact there was a time when I used to tell Mumma to avoid making a few things (Chinese and South Indian) at home because we couldn’t relish the restaurant food when we visited any. However, my four years in hostel made me respect my Mum’s cooking.  Whenever I would visit home during the semester breaks, Mumma had a list of items to make for my craving taste-buds. Not once would I even utter that ‘lets dine outside’. From ‘matar kachoris’ to ‘baked litti’ to ‘paneer samosa’ Mum would make it all for me and I would greedily hog on everything. Even when I am married  now, I do the same whenever I go to meet my parents. Mum knows what I want. Shamelessly, I have to accept I hardly cook and whenever I do, have to say this the dish never turns up anything close to my Mum’s final product.

Mumma’ favorite place of the house is her kitchen. I had felt extremely happy to give her a Microwave with my first job salary.  5 years down the line, I was happy to deck her kitchen with an OTG too. She enjoys doing the cakes, bakes and the grills.  She never fails to impresses me, my hubby, my cousins and my friends with something new each time whenever we meet for lunch and dinner. My Dad and I really have to keep a check on our eating now  because Mum’s cooking has spoiled us badly and we both thoroughly love to indulge in lots of food. No doubt I have turned into one big foodie.

The Airfryer Story

I remember a few months back she called me up one evening and first thing she asked me was ‘ How is this Airfryer appliance?’ Does it really cook those oily snacks with some air technology and not oil? Is any of your friends using it. I could only share a little knowledge around this because honestly cooking is the last thing on my mind. She sounded less satisfied with my answers but yes before hanging up the phone she did not forget to tell me that she had visited Singh Aunty’s kitty party that day and had loved the fries, tikkis, samosas made in the air fryer. She was still not sure that an air-fryer kind of a thing could be used to make interesting snacks. I promised to read about it and get back to her as soon as possible.

For the next three weeks I was not able to visit home too.In the medley of my travels, I almost forgot about it.  By the time I reached back to her, she had armed quite much information about the Air fryer all by herself and really wanted to have one. This sounded like a wish. Her fondness for cooking was evident absolutely. I was delighted to hear her talk about low-fat food recipes, healthier version of french fries, samosa and  oil-less snacks. I knew what I had to do next. My parents wedding anniversary was close and it was the time to fulfill my Mum’s wish.

Dad and I decided on a plan and ordered the Air-fryer from the site we trust. I knew it would get delivered on the day as I wanted. When Mumma received the neatly packed box from the courier boy, her happiness knew no bounds. But she did not happily jump into it until she had double checked if the box was meant for her. Dad silently watched her do that. He let the suspense go on for sometime but Mum was quick to read his eyes. Yes, she was absolutely overwhelmed. When Dad told her that it was my idea, she called me to thank for fulfilling this cooking related wish of hers. Nothing could make me more happy than hearing my delighted Mum.

This is what it means #AbHarWishHogiPoori. Not just our own wishes will get fulfilled now but everyone’s. It is not just about words, its about action!

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