Its so much fun to be a lifestyle blogger. One gets interesting gadgets, useful household appliances and fashionable accessories to use, flaunt and review. And believe me there is no pressure to write all goody-goody. The brands are confident of their product and at the same time they are aware that the product will not be spared of critical eyes and are ready to take both positive and negative feedback in their stride.

Last week, an exciting product came home. And I must say I so needed it or rather let me put this way…. ‘ My traveling feet can have the much needed care and pamper anywhere, everywhere!’

Did I tell you I have a knack for beautiful feet and I love going for pedicure? Well, guess I hadn’t had a chance. When I told this to my husband before marriage, he was clueless as to what to say next and simply chose to smile. I am sure I was the first girl who had told him that more than decking up my face, I loved taking care of my hands and feet.  Yes, that’s me! I am quite wary of dry, dead skin and accumulated callus around my feet because I love buying different kinds of footwear and covered ones are not my style. 

And see what came in the courier to make my feet more prettier! Scholl is a well known footwear brand and I know it well because my Mom-in-law is a loyal customer to them. She finds their sole very comfortable and quite often insists on their footwear only. 


I was super happy to receive it and let me give you five reasons in absolutely no time.

  • The month of June has 4 weekends and my blogging assignments kept me busy on last 2 and now am traveling on remaining two as well, thus its been super packed month and I have had no time to go for my pedicure session.
  • The dreadful corns, dead skin and callus are back on my feet and I have been trying to get rid of them with the scrubber which just been a temporary solace.
  • Last time when I had visited my cousin’s place who is quite a fashionista, she had mentioned about this Velvet Smooth Express Pedi and had gone ga-ga about its launch that happened in Delhi. I remember she had floated her picture with Jacqueline fernandez who is the brand ambassador of Scholl products.
  • Now, I could have smooth and silky feet on-the-go. It looked so travel friendly and must-have-in-the-vanity-kit kind of product.
  • I had that gleeful smile on my face because I could insist my husband to use it too because he is the most lazy person on the earth who would visit a salon for a pedicure. I may crib, I may shout but he will never go in there but I knew he would use this because he is always curious about the new items that arrive home quite often.


Velvet Smooth Express Pedi electronic foot file

Now, without wasting a moment I gave in to my urge to unpack it asap. I couldn’t ignore that packaging was very sturdy. I really had to try hard to pull out the pedi but now I know that I was in too hurry and thus I dint notice the easy way to do it. One just needs to turn it upside down and work as per the cut-out marks.  The arrow sign is very prominent.


Turn it upside down


Once it was in my hand, I was eager to use. Its pretty, elegant and super easy to handle. Its battery operated so there is  no tension of charging another gadget. (Gosh I travel and I know how tough it to find too many charging points for my too many gadgets) This one saved me the tension. I checked for the four batteries, they were intact and I just had to remove a small red chip so that they could be put to use. Next it was just a twitch that was needed at its circular beginning.  Microlumina roller head went buzzing. No, it doesn’t make irritating noise. It doesn’t hurt and it acts very gently on the skin.

It is sturdy and stylish

In fact, I felt tickled in the first go. But gradually when I saw the dead skin scaling off my feet, I felt happy. If compared with pumice stone or a foot filer, it does save lot of time and energy. There are no sharp blades and it does not hurt like the other manual options. After two rounds at one place I could feel the difference by simply touching my feet. Looks had more to say.

Yes, two important points the batteries and the roller head are replaceable and will have to be done when worn out. This is a product which will go on to be useful for long. Its not a use and throw kinda thing.  When you have time go for your foot care sessions and when you don’t just pull this out from the vanity and work it out on your feet. I found it super useful for my reasons and you know them right – My love for my beautiful feet and my love for traveling which leaves me with less time for salon visits. 

If you need more reasons to go for it, I can definitely help you with some more pointers…

  • Pamper your own feet and your partner’s too because we all love it
  • Travel in style so just carry it with you where ever you go from mountains to the beaches
  • Even the most feet-conscious people forget or fall short of time to go for pedicures. This will takes care of your urgent needs.
  • You may gift it to someone who loves stylish gadgets
  • No more closed shoes have to be worn with compulsion to cover the dry and cracked feet.


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