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The lady of the house always has her hands full. She has at least two things on the mind along with the day job- Household chores and the kitchen. Ever since I quit my job and began traveling/ freelancing, time has become doubly precious. There is an urge to wind up the essential household chores in the minimalist time and save all the time to dedicate to my passion. But there are days when there is more work than I can handle. Wish life was simpler and some things just happened on their own. Well, I doubt our generation will ever get to experience the joys of leisure but what I can easily see is a sorted life with the help of technology and tools.


The lazy housewife in me is always on a look out for smart ways of saving my time and energy. Lately, apps and startups have become my new fondness. And today I am exploring the new way of shopping grocery- ‘Pepper Tap’.


Some views on grocery shopping!


Mum and I have a discussion.

Mumma says that supermarkets test her patience. With all the walking around from one end to end and loading the items on the cart, tiring queues are too boring for her. She loves her neighborhood grocery shop even though it’s small, crowded and noisy. She is happy because the boys there help her with the things on her list.

To add to this I have my own opinion and I tell her…
‘Mom, I am not fond of both. And for just five things, I hate going to the grocery shop all the more. It kills time badly. I would love to tap a few buttons and get my groceries delivered home.

That’s just comfort living and you people don’t want to do anything for yourself…. She says.

Where is the time Mumma? And also when there is somebody to look into our needs, why not just avail the services. After all it saves us time to look into other things of life. Who made the rules that one had to go shopping for every little bit that is used in the house? Well everyone may not concur with my view but lately I have begun to hate crowded places.

What are you talking about?… she asks

Some new ways of grocery shopping Mom!

Tell me more…. My Mum starts taking interest in our conversation because I know there are times when even she needs a break from the monotony of buying and arranging food items for the whole family.



Pepper Tap
Okay here I tell her about this new mobile grocery application. Well I have not used the services personally but a friend has been availing the services in Gurgaon and she is the one who mentioned it to me.
I download the app from Google Play store while my Mum watches over, quietly wondering if really it’ll help?.


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The first thing it asks for is a sign up. Next the app needs the location because it is important to look into the needs and services of the buyers’ location wise.

And we begin browsing the products. Mom is more curious because I see her tapping through all the options. She browses through ‘Popular’, ‘Fruits and Vegetables’, ‘Food and Drinks’, ‘Staples and spices’, ‘Breakfast and Dairy’, ‘Bath and Body’, ‘Home and Hygiene’ and ‘Baby Needs’. Not to mention she is happy to see some of her favorite items up there. In some time, she reads the FAQs and tells me in detail.



Highlights on…


• They accept payments by cash, card on delivery and Sodexo coupons too.
• At the time of delivery, one can return items that one thinks is unacceptable
• So they promise to deliver in 2 hours, sounds cool! If they really live up to it, I must applaud them.
• The moment you order, you get an invoice. It saves the tedious calculation that one has to do at the billing counter of the grocery shops. And they always charge something extra if you aren’t cautious.
• Service time – 9 A.M to 10 P.M.
• If the services aren’t up to the mark, one can call and mail at the provided email address and the number.
• There is a discount on the first order and more keep coming
• The delivery is free for orders above Rs. 250
• Hassle free run through the application. (User-friendly interface)



Our generation is absolutely open to these ideas. We want good services and we are glad to outsource our work. But I was glad to see my Mom appreciative of something new and seemingly techy! Soon she voices her expectations too. Which were mostly…


Grocery Shopping, PepperTap




• More in the vegetable section in the Motibagh area
• ‘Out of stock’ is not a great idea on the app
• No delivery charges even if one orders just 1 item.
• Proper packaging and Everything that is delivered promises quality
• And the cart to be delivered in time.


I do not convince her but only tell her. Let’s try it out and she nods…


Getting Started


Mom decides to place her first order soon but not before she has talked about in the neighborhood too. She isn’t convinced until she has had feedback and views. If you have explored Pepper tap yet, do drop in your experiences.



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