When you have a husband who works very-very hard in one of the BIG FOUR management and strategy consulting firms,  you must learn to thrive on these three key-words audit, tax, and advisory.  (Honestly, I am hopeless on all the three.)

Read to know what it is to be a partner to one super energetic guy,  however the term ‘Partner’ is mentioned quite often in the house and definitely this ‘Partner’ is not you.

  • When you marry a Consultant, you walk into a glamorous world! Yes, I call it so because your life is hardly touched by monotony.  Even though your parents may thank God uncountable number of times for blessing you with a wonderful partner and a settled life,  I bet you will never settle down. You live with a room mate, who packs his bag, leaves on a Monday morning, returns in the wee hours of Friday night and leaves again the following Monday.


  • You have all the space in your life, room, cupboard more than you have ever wanted. You live your life, make your decisions because most of the time when you need a second opinion, his plane has already lost touch with the runway. By the time it lands, you are done with the ambiguity. A consultant is always on-the-go, thus the room and the bed is all yours. More, he perfectly knows the art of living a life out of a suitcase, thus you can shop in abundance and  keep the Almirah to yourself. 

  • Work-Life-Balance You read about it, you write about it, you even shout about it but you never get to live through it because a consultant does not believe in the collaboration of these three words. It may lead to a strategic failure in the office, outside the office. You will NEVER see him back from work at 6 p.m.


  • Everything can wait but not the emails…  Even the maid in my house knows that hubby does something on his laptop late nights, early mornings, on the weekends, while having dinner and its called ’email’. The moment he enters the house on the days when he is in the city, first thing he says is ‘I have to respond to a few e-mails baby’.  Why do people write so many mails, I hate them like seriously.


  • You will have advises doing rounds and rounds in the house and lucky you that you will get them all for free without any price negotiations for his damn costly hourly rates. Not just it, he is a great problem solver too. Believe me he can maintain an excel for everything under the sun. Also the kind of job he does, he isn’t tolerant to ambiguity.


  • “Right now, I am in a call. I’ll call you in sometime” One ends early, and he is already dialed into the next one. Treat yourself like a lucky girl if he actually calls back exactly in sometime. It will happen for sure but after hours or until you decide to flood him with calls, watsapp, skype, viber messages or more. (You actually have to adopt  these technologies in your life to keep in touch with him.)


  • Take no promises, please!  No, I am not kidding. Its not intentional, he wants to keep his promises and be your best guy but his boss (partner)  will not let him be. He audits the internal risk management procedures of client companies but hardly knows, abides by any of the  procedures for management of his own house. The poor guy hardly has any time.


  • Where is my weekend? You ask this and he will be like, Oh, we just had it! You ask again, When? He is quick with answers….Aaah, last month baby. Really when you had a call in the Saturday afternoon, then in the evening and on a Sunday too. We had to visit a friends place and then you said ‘Oh, I just forgot to tell you about the project deadline, lets meet them next weekend.’ Phew!!!


  • Are you a travel enthusiast? Does African culture attract you more than European? Bingo! Have enough empty pages in your passport. I bet husband will never disappoint you with foreign trips just that you must sound over-enthusiastic for countries like -Sudan and Saudi Arabia. Oh, its not that bad, you get those Europe trips too. Ask me! 


  • You must personally thank the inventors that the mobile phones come with blue-tooth set and hands-free. How would the consultants attend conference calls while driving a car, on a family day or while inspecting a new house, most of your events would get cancelled if not it.


  • Distance makes hearts go fonder. Not that I love to say this but I cant help it either. Celebrate whatever days you get together because you just cant be sure of being in the same continent, country, city on the birthdays, anniversary or festivals. Mostly you will be away,  thus make the most of the other days.


  • Rather, he loves you more when you say you are super busy. He will always motivate you, cheer you and inspire you to take your career seriously because if you don’t you will not let him thrive peacefully. If you keep busy, he is happy for two things, first he can live his life happily with his clients, meetings, audits,calls and emails  and second he can always escape your rants saying, it was you who was busy.


  • Oh you will see the child in him when he talks of those air miles, hotel or credit card points. No he may not be using them so often for himself but he loves to see them increase. He loves to pamper you too because he knows he is guilty that he is not giving you much time. You can bribe him into expensive gifts anytime. The best part about a consultant’s character is that he knows the facts and truth about his life but he knows it better how to showcase them differently.


  • Most of the consultant’s that I know are my husband’s friend and they love to party. Give them no reason and yet they know how to celebrate. Friday gets them all super excited as if this one will never come again. The weekend nights are about booze, you drink or you don’t(hubby is a teetotaler) you got to join the gang and and believe me most of them are tipsy but they never forget to keep a count of their drinks.


Of all that I have written above,  the most important is that he (my consultant Hubby-chubby) happily does it all for me, for the family, for I can comfortably do what I want and write my blogs. I know he wants to sleep sound-proof to the alarm but he gets up before it rings because he fears he might oversleep and miss his flight. He wants to laze on Sundays and be with me on our special days but not that he can always afford to. His face shows that he hates to travel on a Monday morning but he always makes up with his smiling face. He tries to make the best of his time by clinging on every bit of sleep whenever he can at the airports, in the flight or while traveling in the taxi. Those who read me know that he does his laundry too. He has mastered this art effectively, after all he lives out of a suitcase and needs to look suave and handsome everyday. He doesn’t get to eat home cooked food often and in many places has to settle for a lousy salad to keep a check on the weight around the belly. And I bet if he had time he would make a better travel blogger because he has got amazing experiences, countries, places up his sleeves. 

 This post is for my hubby and other consultant friends. No offense to anyone, just laugh it away!

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