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Well who thinks of hurting their foot when there is a handsome travel plan up your sleeves? None! Rather why should one think of this when there are whole lot of good things to do. But few accidents just happen when you least expect them. Tickets were done and Friday was the day when I had to fly to Raipur (Chhattisgarh Tourism had invited me) but Monday did not spare me with its tragic blues. Yes, I actually twisted my ankle while walking in the porch of my house. I did hear a pop sound when the incident happened but I blatantly chose to ignore it. I thought it was just a sprain, Grade I.

I googled for immediate remedies and for few hours nursed the affected area along the lines of RICE (R-Rest, I-Ice packing, C-Compression and E- Elevation). The ice packing did help and later I tied a crepe bandage to compress. Both were effective but I was in extreme pain and the increasing swelling was actually making it look all the more scary. Despite of it all, not even once I thought it could be a fracture nor I dropped a pearl of tear.  I simply prayed and assured myself ‘this will just pass in a few days’.

But the Xray report  in the evening gave a blow to all my travel plans. The doctor declared, It isn’t a sprain but a fracture. 4 weeks is the minimum time to recuperate and you must take care. Ooops! tears trickled down not because it was hurting but because I couldn’t see myself inactive for a month. More, I was asked to give on my 3 travel plans. August was all packed for me, but now it was to be done differently. God has his own plan always. Honestly, my book reading had taken a back seat. The guilty pangs took over me. I knew it was time to do that…

Here are Some Interesting takes on my ailment….

When the doctor declared ‘its a fracture and I can’t go anywhere’ Hubby acted very supportive and pat came from him… ‘We will do all these trips together… I will take you everywhere… Don’t get in the habit of traveling alone! ‘  Short smile was back on my face soon!

My parents are exploring North East these days, a 10 day trip which I chose to skip to do because I had my other travels. Dad was all concerned but When Mum came on the phone, she sounded utterly panicked  and ended up asking me,  Who gets a fracture in the house Beta, what were you doing?

I had no answer to this! More, I was reminded of childhood. Jab school mei chot lagti thi, toh daant hamesa mujhe hi parti thi.. kaise gir jate ho, dhyan se kyun nahi khelte ho? The childhood memories reminded of something similar…. Mum would ask, How do you carry yourself, that you keep falling and hurting yourself. 

One of my little cousin took a funny dig to it- ‘Lo, someone who is constantly on the go ends up getting a fracture inside the house’ Irony of Life!  😛 😛 😛

A friend said– Take rest, its so much fun! Everyone will treat you like a princess.   🙂

To all this, my mum-in-law had to say– I always tell you to eat well and drink milk. You don’t listen. Calcium deficiency has led to all this. Now you must eat well. God, I am bloating honestly but my Punjabi sasu maa always complains about my eating habits. Now I will be pampered more with the butter wale paranthas.   🙂

My Nanaji had another wonderful thing to say– ‘Some lovely travels will happen to you soon. Take rest before that.’ 

Chhattisgarh Tourism Team assured me that they would invite me soon, as soon as I am good to go. Thank you for being so considerate. Its been very hard to cancel my tickets to the trip that I was so looking forward to. And my TWC gang has been very supportive about all this. I know they will miss me and I will double miss them all.

Amidst all this, lovely messages and take-care calls dropped in from my blogger friends. Everyone had lovely and encouraging things to say. Thank you to each one of them! How did they come to know of it? Of course I had tweeted about my sudden shock. 

Learning to cope up with the Fracture

Its been just 2 days.. No doubt the two days have been painful.  But on the brighter side I have been reading books, writing more blogs, looking through photographs of all my previous trips, watching television, catching up with friends on phone and spending a lot of time on twitter. Sadly I had to do something crucial for my robotics  assignment but I will miss that.

And while I am writing this, I am muttering a prayer too… ‘How I wish August could  just vanish soon!’

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