Lemon Tree Hotel, Tarundhan Valley

Amidst the craziness and the everyday mayhem, if you have been craving for a countryside holiday not too far from your NCR neighborhood, you will love to come to this resort. This was my first visit to Tarudhan Valley and I was taken in for a complete surprise. In the lap of the Aravalis, this picturesque green belt comes as a beautiful setting. I was not aware that this landscaped getaway was only 28 km away from the Gurgaon railway station and made for a perfect tranquil holiday. Thanks to the bloggers meet organized by Lemon Tree Hotels, I not only got a chance to explore their first resort property in Delhi NCR but also learn about yet another refreshing destination for my readers.

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Bloggers Meet at Lemon Tree Hotel, Tarudhan Valley

It was a Friday and I started at 9:30 a.m. from sector 28, Faridabad.  Despite the morning rush on the road, I was inside the premises of the resort within two hours. If you know the Pahadi road from Faridabad to Gurgaon, you would know how it makes an easy connect between the two cities. Up till Manesar, it was a comfortable ride except the last patch when we look a left from NH-8. It was shaky and bumpy. (Just like you would find in a countryside). Once I was inside the resort, I almost forgot about the road. Soon, I met  the brand representative, sales manager as well as a couple of other bloggers too. After the initial interactions with the people behind the business, I was keenly looking forward to a promising day. For me, the logo or the name ‘Lemon Tree’ was not something new. I have always known it as a competent player in the Indian hospitality. In fact, a few years ago I had been a guest too at their Gurgaon hotel but this resort is an entirely different concept in comparison to its business hotels.

In India, Lemon Tree Hotel Company has always been known as good business hotel chain providing for best services, mid-scale leisure and  required comforts. With their first resort property in Delhi NCR, they have taken a leap and decided to expand with the fastest growing hospitality segment. This one-of-its-kinds property is designed to suit everyone. From a team building session to a destination wedding, a peaceful getaway with family to a nature trail, a corporate meeting to a golfing retreat- this place has been designed to cater to our urban needs. I can name it all confidently only because I was taken through a walk around the property and acquainted with all the essential aspects of it.

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The resort calls for a tranquil holiday where your room opens up to these sprawling gardens.
Club House, Lemon Tree, Resort, NCR, Travel
Club House
Fresco by Tatva, Spa, Resort, Lemon Tree
Fresco by Tatva- The rejuvenating Spa at the Resort
Infinity Pool in Delhi-NCR
Infinity Pool with a gorgeous view

So this is how we went about it. We were divided into groups and taken through the main areas of the property. First, we walked into the deluxe, executive and the studio apartments of the villas. The view of the 9 hole golf course from the villa rooms absolutely stood out for me. Any day, I would love to go for a weekend, relax, read a book and just be in that room. After this, the driver drove us to the Club house. As the name suggests, it is the place where you would find everything to relax and have fun. It has a rejuvenating spa from Tatva, a gym, billiards room, kids zone and an infinity swimming pool that opens to a scenic view. Next we were warmly welcomed in Skinners– a themed bar and restaurant.

There was still sometime for the lunch and the chef was preparing the food and looking into its presentation and displays. My eyes gleamed at the sight of some amazing salad combinations. In fact, the foodie in me could not wait for the luncheon but I was also excited to go for archery. So until we returned for the lunch, we grabbed some juice and ate some fresh fruits. Apart from the name, the first thing that got excited me about Skinners was the outdoor view. It is absolutely stunning. The glass doors make it easy for the eyes to reach to the farthest end. The moment I saw the setting, I almost fell in love with it.  The sprawling gardens on hill-view grounds, interspersed with small water bodies made nothing less than a natural paradise. Well, I had heard that orchards still bloomed and gave fruit in this valley but it was only now that I could actually believe it.

Skinners, Restaurant, Lemon Tree, Manesar
Skinners- A themed bar and restaurant with a private dining area
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The greens and the serene water offer a rustic closeness to nature!
Lemon Tree Resorts, Manesar, Blissful relaxation in NCR
The picturesque outdoors promised blissful relaxation.

After this, the manager also showed us around the banquets and conference facilities. For those who are hunting for new locations for their destination wedding or the corporate houses who wish to hold team building sessions and club it with a getaway, this is meant for you. There are three halls named- Alexandrine, Rosellas, Kramer along with an outdoor lawn. To add to the comfort of the guests, there is an exclusive approach gate and enough parking area. 

My first archery experience

Archery range, Lemon Tree
Archery range
Archery in Delhi-NCR, Lemon Tree
And this is how I aimed my shot.

Even though it was hot and humid, I was excited to try my hands at archery. The board was set at its place. One of the staff members helped me with a bow and the arrows. He guided me with the placement of my fingers, how much I had to pull and how much strength I had to apply while releasing the arrow. Since this was my first time with a big bow, I really enjoyed it more than being embarrassed for not being able to hit the mark. In fact, I found it very addictive and I took many chances before heading further. Even if there was no one around, one could  practice this for hours and master the art of archery. 

Lunch Time at SKINNERS

Food is very important aspect of any restaurant or hotel. If you have stayed at lemon tree, I am not sure how much impressed were you with the food that you ate there but at Skinners you will love it to the core. At least I loved it. For me the salads stood out completely. There were some great combinations of the seasonal fruits and leafy vegetables, fresh in taste and full of flavors. The buffet catered to both vegetarian and non-vegetarian guests. I still remember I had absolutely loved the Beetroot-cream salad, steamed cooked fish salad, Radish stuffed Paneer in the starters and the mutton curry-rice in the main course. There was so much more to taste and savor but I had kept to the salads mainly. In fact, my plate below shows that I had tasted most of the healthy-bowls if not all. It was a sumptuous spread with lots of variety. The dessert section was equally impressive. I can vouch food will be one thing for which you will love to go back to this resort. Even I would if ever I get a chance. 

Tempting Salads, Skinners
Tempting Salads
Delicious Paneer
Radish stuffed Paneer


Steamed Beetroot with Cheese, SKinners, Great food in the Resort
Steamed Beetroot with Cheese
My plate, Healthy bowls on my plate
Healthy bowls on my plate

We did some ‘Putting’ too 

Lemon Tree Resort stands adjacent to an international standard 9 hole gold course designed by Garam Cooke (one of the most respected gold architects in North America and Canada’s top legendary amateur player. How could we call it a day to remember without doing something close to golfing. Yes, we did try some putting. Each one of us took some trial runs and 2 more real chances. The ball rolled down the green surface beautifully but none of us could make a perfect roll. But it was exciting to cheer for each other and  play with the club for the sake of fun and enjoyment.

Golfing, Putting practice arena, Lemon Tree Resort
Putting practice arena

It was an eventful day and I would say it was a nice opportunity to learn more about Lemon Tree company, their vision and their future projects. The new kid on the block is definitely promising. You may suggest it to your friends and family. While you are there, don’t forget to let me know about your experience. 

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