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That one syringe goes in the nerve and sucks in my blood. Oops, I am dizzy already. Gosh! I fail to handle it every time even though blood tests have been a regular in my life. 


Raise your hands if that one visit to the pathology for that much detested blood test gives you a nightmare. Give me a ‘Hi5’ and join my gang. I am gonna tell you a better way out. Next time, don’t go to the lab but get a home collection done. From my recent experience, I can totally vouch for it that it will not freak you out. The smell of the medicines, the stress, the queue, watching other patients in pain and the tension of going through the ordeal can be scrapped out totally. Thanks to the team of Thyrocare for making me realize it. 


My Story!!!

For the last decade, my friends and family have come to believe that I am someone who can fall sick any time. I need no reasons, no season change and no allergies. There is something about my immunity which gives up easily. Well, this ins’t something to be proud of but yes I am the best person who can talk about the importance of being fit and healthy. Why? Because I know its importance. So many times I have not been able to enjoy my travels or read because of my health. Trust me, I hate to lie down on bed all day. I may be a lazy person but when it comes to work, I prefer no rest. I really get pissed off when I am not able to do the best of my capacity. I enjoy my work and the best part is I love traveling. But my health issues quite often ruin my fun. To keep things under control, one of my resolutions this year was to keep my health on my priority list.


Health is Wealth (For everyone)

If you have been reading me for sometime, you would know that blogging is a priority in my life and I enjoy being a blogger. I love my work passionately. If you have ever tried putting down words and sentences on paper, you would know that it isn’t an easy job to churn articles after articles and I do it almost every other day. All the more, if you belong to the bravest of the clan who are making an attempt to make a living from writing, it really needs a healthy mind and body. A freelancer needs to be on their toes everyday. There are events to attend, places to travel, books to read, things to be tried and tested and review to be done and of course blog about it later is the biggest thing to do. By the end of every write-up, I feel drained of my energy. Every word, every sentence is created by me and it need my commitment. On the days I am sick, I can hardly write a paragraph. Be it any kind of illness, it not only takes a toll on the body, it also hits on the efficiency big time.


When I was part of the rat race in the corporate world, I was never serious about the regular health check ups and sundry. A few random hospitalizations have happened for me in the past but yet I was always my careless self. But now, ever since I have had an ankle fracture last year and I was denied travel for weeks, I have learnt my lesson well. Had I regularly monitored my Vitamin D and Calcium intake, it wouldn’t have taken so much time to heal. Even sedentary lifestyle adds lots of woes in my life. Its adding on the bulge and no more it can be called baby fat. The regular walks are not helping much. In fact, I was worried around certain symptoms and a friend suggested that I must go a for a thyroid check up.


Sometimes, I feel that our thoughts that play in our mind do send out messages in the universe. That very week, Thyrocare sent out a random mail to me.  They lured me into availing one of their customized health check up packages. This was my first time with them and I was apprehensive. Yes, I am very picky about my doctors, hospitals and even path labs because everything freaks me out. It just takes one negligence and I break the bond. For Thyrocare too, I wasn’t an easy customer. I had too many questions but I am glad they handled it all well.


Thyrocare Aarogyam packages

The first thing that I had to do was to select a package as per my needs. I chose Aarogyam from Thyrocare preventive health check up packages because some of my past problems have been related to Liver, Iron, Vitamin D.  The moment I did that, everything was on my mail. I din’t had to worry on anything. They confirmed my appointment,  informed me of the doctor and made me aware that I had maintain 12-14 hours fasting before the test. I had booked for the Saturday (2nd Apr) for 11 a.m. One of their guys turned up at 11:20. Well I did question him for being late but I did not grill him. He was an expert at his work and trust me it was all done even before I realized. The whole pathology feeling was amiss and definitely for the good. In next ten minutes, I was devouring my breakfast. 


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Thyrocare Health check up


Here is something on Aarogyam Package if you are interested.

It is worth Rs. 3000/

It Includes the following profiles and tests (71 Tests)

Liver Profile (11)| Lipid Profile (8) | Homocysteine | Kidney Profile (5) | Thyroid Profile (3) | Iron Deficiency (3) | Diabetic Screen (2) | Complete Hemogram (28)| Vitamin D total | Toxic Elements (9)|


In two days, I had my reports in my inbox. On the third day, a courier was sent to my house and the hard copy of the reports were delivered. I was impressed with the efficient service. Now, the most important thing is were these tests of any importance to me? Well, I not sure how one should feel when you see the numbers in bold telling you that not everything is right.  My reports say ‘Calcium is low, Vitamin is low, Hemoglobin is low’ but I am patting my back because this time I acted before-hand. I am already in touch with my doctor and I know its all gonna be fine.  Regular checks-up are absolutely important. Now, you know why I say blogger needs to be fit and healthy. Because I want to enjoy my work always and keep my illness away. I know I have a tendency to fall sick every now and then. But remember we were made to learn as kids that prevention is better than cure. So its time to be healthy again. And not just me, everyone should take good care of their health. 


P.S. The experience is absolutely real and is part of my blogging collaboration with Thyrocare. You can too avail these preventive healthcare packages at affordable costs.


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