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The search for honeymoon destination is not an easy task. Trust me it needs a lot of research.


My close friends got married in September last year. It was one of those weddings for which our group of friends had waited for years. While they deserved the best of everything, they hardly had time to catch their breath. Planning one’s own wedding and then bringing two families and their rituals on the same page can be a very stressful chore especially if you have been working overseas. While the love birds squeezed in time to fly down from different corners of America to tune in the wedding arrangements, they really couldn’t dedicate time to plan a dreamy getaway for their honeymoon. The worse was that they were struggling to zero down on a place when the wedding was just three weeks away.

Hey guys, if you don’t have a budget problem why don’t you go to Maldives? I can help you plan.


Well, this was just a casual suggestion from the concerned me but little did I know that the idea would stick with them as if they had been waiting for me to utter these words.  They actually make me slog one night to come up with every bit of handy information around this archipelago of 1,1921 coral islands in the Indian Ocean. Sparkling blue water, white sandy beaches, coral reefs, luxury resorts were somethings which everyone had heard about, but they wanted me to dig in the best of Maldives. I believe in chronic planning and thus I was not complaining. I am also glad that I wouldn’t have to start from scratch for my Maldives holidays in future.

The information really turned out to be useful for them. On their return, they added plenty of interesting experiences to my notes and now I am keeping my fingers crossed for my real trip to happen soon. Till then, let us prepare and dream around Maldives. This once in a lifetime destination definitely makes for an unforgettable honeymoon destination.

Small Notes about Maldives

    • If you have dreamt of a little house on the water with an open deck & stairs that takes you right into the clear blue ocean, Maldives is the place where you will get to live your dream.
    • Maldives is made up of double chain of 26 atolls. I was not very sure what an atoll means and thus I looked for its meaning. An atoll is a ring-shaped coral reef, island, or series of islets.
    • Malé is the capital city of the Maldives where you can board a flight. Ferry, private boat or sea plane help to make way to your own private atoll, which is a small island/resort itself. Sea plane transfer is an amazing experience.
    • Out of 1200 islands, only 200 are inhabited as of now.
    • Everyone who has been to Maldives has only one thing to say: the islands of Maldives are unlike any other part of the earth. The views of the islands from the top are stunning.
    • Every morning, the sun will wake you up early and there you will love to open your eyes to a spectacular view of the ocean.
    • And every time, you will walk on that pontoon or swim through the lagoon to the beach, you will call it unbelievable, incredible holiday.
    • Expect no agriculture, no industry, its only fishing industry for half of the population. And for the guests, there are fishing trips at the sunset, with a candlelight dinner on the boat. 
    • We are actually talking about the flattest country of the world. You really don’t have to fear the heights here because the highest dunes in Maldives are just 2.4 meters above sea level.
    • Here, in this group of beautiful small islands one can go for the sunset cruise and there you may get to listen to the traditional bodu beru drums which are played by the local musicians to attract dolphins.
    • For the newly-weds there is everything that you would want right from the scenic nature, relaxing villa, the white sands, the wondrous snorkeling, pampering spas, underwater creatures, etc.
    • A perfect honeymoon destination could be the small and romantic Maafushi comprising all tourist attractions. Fulidhoo is a quiet place. For the honeymooners on a budget, how about the youth island, Hulhumale?
    • Every island has its own weather, its own rains. It may be raining on one but not on the other which is just 15 kilometers away. There are so many local islands in Maldives to be explored too. 
    • This diving destination is surreal. Night diving is an amazing experience to see all sorts of interesting marine creatures.
    • Maldives is a dreamy destination and once you are here, you can just relax and holiday. How about going for a Spa. Every resort in the Maldives has a Spa.
    • One can dive in Maldives to see the wreck of the merchant ship Maldives Victory, which had sunk in 1981. It lies 35m (115 ft) in the water, near the sea-bed.
    • Water sports thrills you and thus Maldives is the place where you can do para sailing, water skiing, banana boat ride, etc.
    • One may also go to the tranquil neighboring island of Vilingili.
    • Maldives has a history that dates back to 3000 years.
    • There are PADI courses to take trainings into 5 ft of water and practice the new found skills.
    • From the bottlenose dolphins to the real killer sharks to the famous Whale Shark, 10 to 12 different species of whales and dolphins can be easily spotted here all round the year.
    • Maldives has a beautiful and rich under-water life. You may only know them but here we get to see them too-manta rays, grey reef sharks, moray eels and

Pamper is the word that truly defines Maldives

While I found all of this, I was really kicked to know that the literacy rate of Maldives is 98 percent. And you know what Maldives can be done on budget too. One really doesn’t need to splurge on resorts on the isolated island; one may simply take up the guest house on the local islands and explore its beauty.  It is great fun to explore the local life and take a closer look into the Maldivian life. This dreamy, romantic destination in the Indian Ocean is a must-do even when the honeymoon year or season is over.

 Happy Traveling!!

The picture has been shot by my friend, Shipra from engineering college.  She had gone to Maldives for her honeymoon. 

Here is all about my trip to Maldives!

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