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Shopping Logic

I went to buy a Dress,

But I saw a beautiful pair of Shoe,

So I bought this Handbag!


Miss Shophiah, Tourism Malaysia, Women with Wings
Miss Shophia is the new shopping icon from Tourism Malaysia!


Shopping in Malaysia


When Ms. Baizuri Baharum, Deputy Director-Shopping Secretariat greeted us with ‘Namaskar’ and pleasantries in Hindi, when she introduced herself as a shopaholic and shared the above logic for shopping maniacs, when she sang the song Gerua from SRK’s latest movie ‘Dilwale’ and when she conducted a quiz in the most candid manner, she not only sold away ‘Malaysia as a shopping paradise’ but also won our hearts. I am a big fan of shopaholic series from Sophie Kinsella and trust me even she would have loved to be at this event where we only talked about shopping and indulgence. Did I say this one was exclusively meant for women travelers? 


Ms. Baizuri Baharum, Deputy Director-Shopping Secretariat
Ms. Baizuri Baharum


At SATTE 2016 this year, Tourism Malaysia booth was all about promoting Malaysia as a vibrant shopping destination with lovely shopping bags shining at its forefront. This event was an extension to it to promote and launch the Malaysia Shopping Campaign. The lady officer, Ms. Baizuri Baharum took us through a virtual shopping tour to Malaysia. She told us about the premium outlets, famous shopping malls across the country, and Tourist Refund Scheme by giving us a peek into the shopping facilities for travelers. Pavilion, Suria KLCC, Mid Valley Megamall are definitely some of the famous ones in KL. Her love for shopping was evident in her candid conversations. She not only knew her numbers well but also almost everything about shopping in Malaysia. I bet she could even convince the nerdy guys to fall in love with shopping. 


And don’t forget to find about the three major shopping months this year in Malaysia.The first one starts from 1st of March till 31st of March 2016. 


Tourism Malaysia welcomes Women with Wings
Tourism Malaysia welcomes Women with Wings


When  Ms. Baizuri was playing the sliders, I felt nostalgic about my last visit to Malaysia and was tempted to go back there very soon. A few hours before my flight, I had shopped like one crazy woman. When I had visited Malaysia in 2014, I remember CNN had ranked Kuala Lumpur at number four in its report of the top 10 best shopping cities in the world and in the top four league with New York, Tokyo and London. My friends in KL has suggested that I must go down to Johor Bahru for some really cool stuff and international brands. But since I had to further travel to Melakka, I had enjoyed my shopping from Jonker Walk and Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall.  In Malaysia, one can buy clothes and electronic appliances in plenty. No less, it is also famous for local silk and batik. If someone is really keen on modern shopping, you may join luxury shopping tours organized for visitors. I had brought some clothes, earrings, fridge magnets, book marks and local souvenirs. 


Women with Wings, Malaysia tourism, Travel bloggers, Shopping paradise
Women With Wings- Whose off to Malaysia?


Women love to travel as much as men do. And in today’s times some of us travel more than them. Those of us who love to wander can proudly call ourselves Women with Wings. And Malaysia could be the next destination for Women with Wings. Firstly, because its a shopping paradise and second because its a well known fact that women love to shop more than men. I am yet to meet a women who would say that she has too many clothes and she doesn’t need any more. Even if you have a wardrobe overstuffed with shoes, you definitely want some more. I know this because I love shopping too.  The insatiable desire to buy fashionable clothes, shoes, handbags, accessories never seizes. 


Be a shopaholic like miss shopphia
Be a shopaholic like miss shopphia


We all have MISS SHOPHIA in us


At the event, the shopping icon for Shop Malaysia was launched. The sweet and cute girl is called Miss SHOPhiah and she loves to shop.  I think we all have a little bit of her in ourselves. Well, a simple logic stands for me is that shopping gives me happiness. And everywhere I go, I have many reasons to shop. And I am sure you will agree on this that women always end up shopping more because they not only for themselves but also for friends and family members.


Launch of Instagram handle-Malaysia Tourism-Malaysiajao
Launch of Instagram handle-Malaysia Tourism-Malaysiajao


The event was rounded up with a quiz and lucky draw giveaways. The lady officer played the role of a lovely quiz-master and gave away all the answers with her facial expressions. A few of my friends got lucky with shopping bags, gift packs from Sephora, Geetanjali Jewels and Body Shop in the lucky draw. One lucky lady also won a ticket to Malaysia. Next, a new instagram handle- ‘Malaysia for women’ was launched. If you wanna win a ticket to Malaysia, go and follow it and you will know how. We did some photo sessions and enjoyed the lunch. 


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Photo sessions are a must– Picture courtesy – Akanksha!



Last but not the least, it was a great way to connect with fellow travelers from Delhi. Most of the time one among is traveling but here we were all together. After lunch, we sat down for a cup of tea to discuss about our past and future travels and more. No doubt, it was an afternoon well-spent. So whose headed to Malaysia soon? Keep me posted!!!


Travel bloggers, Delhi, bloggers meet
Travel bloggers in Delhi –   Picture courtesy – Akanksha!



Happy Traveling!!!

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