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As the name suggests, its a chain restaurant from California. Known for its non-conventional pizzas, it serves various kinds of pasta, salads, soups, sandwiches and desserts. I had already been to California Pizza Kitchen in Mumbai and thus the food and the brand was known to me. With the same expectations, I walked into this one a few months ago. Cyber-Hub in Gurgaon is one of my favorite places to dine and hang-out and I love trying out new eating places in here. 



California Pizza Kitchen
California Pizza Kitchen Menu Card


This place had got good dining area to itself and lavish tables. Gladly, it doesn’t  feel stuffy inside unlike many eateries at Cyber Hub. The Menu card carries the signature logo of CPK. Before you are taken in for surprises, I must tell you this place is expensive. You can always google the menu and go through the rate list before going for it. 


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The service was quick. We ordered some drinks and quickly gave our orders. Some chips and dips and the breads for starters. Soon, the dressed up cutlery arrived. And of course my favorite, the white dinner plates.



California Pizza Kitchen, The Mediterranean Focaccia with oil, herb and grated cheese dip, California Kitchen Pizza
The Mediterranean Focaccia with oil, herb and grated cheese dip


I love this Mediterranean Focaccia bread with its oily dip. I was having it for the second time after Mumbai and I was happy as last time. You must try this whenever you are there. 



California Pizza Kitchen, CPK in Gurgaon, Cyber Hub


No doubt, the quantity is less for the price you pay.  But its delicious.



Chips and Dips- California Kitchen Pizza, Cyber Hub, California Pizza Kitchen
Cheesy wraps, quesadillas and delightful dips



These cheesy wraps and quesadillas with four different types of dips was amazing.  I do not remember the exact name of the dish because my husband had ordered this but I must say we absolutely enjoyed it. I loved the dips. 


California Pizza Kitchen


Here is a closer  and a better picture. This had a better serving quantity wise.



Mediterranean Salad, California Kitchen Pizza
Roasted Veggie Salad, California Kitchen Pizza



Since we had two more friends with us, we ordered for some salads and their signature pizza next. The roasted veggie salad looked yummy and green. It tasted good too. Though I felt the lettuce was not fresh but I am glad they served a good portion.



To much of Veggies on my Pizza, California Kitchen Pizza



And of course you can’t miss doing the Pizza here. This one is famous for its unconventional and unique pizzas.  We went for a California Veggie Treat.  It was a thin crust with lots of toppings. I wouldn’t say it was out of the world but yes it was good. Broccoli, mushroom and corn  are my favorite whenever its a veggie pizza. I do not know why it was all vegetarian on our table that day but I think if you are looking for vegetarian suggestions to try at CPK, you will appreciate my post. 






Here are a few closer shots of my quarter plate too. I made my bread all the more interesting by teaming up with  four more dips from the other dish that we ordered.  


Yummy Salad, On my plate, California Kitchen Pizza


The Salads and the pizza made a great combination. And indeed this looked more healthy and green too.



The meal served four of us and costed Rs. 2500+ with the taxes. 







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