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This year, Mothers’ Day is on 8th May. Whats your plan for the day? I am thinking of pampering and surprising both my Mum and Mom-in-law with little things that they cherish. We all know that even 365 days as a whole are not good enough to thank the most selfless souls on the earth but since one particular day has been dedicated to mothers, we can always use it to make them feel very-very special. 


Mother is the one who knows everything and gives us the perfect resolution to all our problems. She is the one stop destination when our mind is tensed, stressed, and full of gloom. She does so much for us lifelong and still never expects anything in return. Now, that’s what is called true love. Only Mums can do that and love us eternally and unconditionally. She has always made our special days extra special with her love and care. So, on this upcoming Mother’s Day, I have decided to say a big thank you to the mothers in my life. As the trend would go, online flower shopping and showering is on my mind for this Mother’s day.


There is always so much to learn from a mother that one lifetime seems to be less. From her way of cooking to cleaning the house and of course the awesome memory she carries, each and every trait of her is really commendable.



Mothers day, Online shopping, DIY flower making, Decorations, Gardening
Flowers make great gifts for Mothers day and if your mother loves gardening, I am sure you know what to gift your Mom.



So, to acknowledge her, here are some cool and flowery ideas for celebrating Mother’s Day.



1) Start her day with a vivacious flower bouquet placed at the bedside table. Do not forget to keep a note simply saying: Love you Maa. She would get a kick start to the day.


 2) Decorate the whole house with flower garlands, wreaths, and bouquets and call her long-time friends to celebrate the day with her.


3) Take her out somewhere and spend the whole day with her in art gallery, theater, and restaurants. She would be more than happy for this. You may also plan a short trip or a weekend getaway and surprise her. 


4) If she loves gardening, then you can gift her some new flower plants and indoor plants. There can be no other gift as valuable as this one.


5)Apart from flowering plants, also gift her flower pots, vases, and colored stones and pebbles too keep on the pots of indoor plants. You can actually make the pots yourself by learning from DIY videos online.


6) Decorate the dining table with lilac and carnations. You can easily get the Mother’s Day flowers online and mesmerize her.



7) Buy artificial flower petals to decorate the room of her wall in the most creative way.


8) Another interesting Mother’s Day gift idea is to plan a visit to the nearest beauty clinic and get her a flower bath. She would definitely feel young again and thank you for the lovely gift.


9) A perfume from Chanel would be another alluring mother’s day gift idea.


10) Finally, a designer cake for the evening would leave her speechless for sure.



Moms are the best gift that God has given us may be just for one reason that God couldn’t be everywhere with us. Decorate this day with fun, nostalgia, and happiness for your mother.



P.S. This is a sponsored post for the brand that I love ordering flowers from. 

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