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Have you ever compared a mobile phone with your favorite person? Well, I have never done this before. But when I sat down to make the comparisons, it came easily to me. I am writing this article for one of the mobile brands, the one that #NeverLetsYouDown. Unlike the other brands which usually look for reviews, I really liked this interesting theme of comparing it to my favorite person. I found the concept fresh and creative and therefore I am doing this. You must read below to know whom this post is dedicated to.


Lava phones, Neverletsyoudown
He is the one I can always count on.


This one prides itself as being one of the most trusted brands out there. The phone has been put through many tests and claims to be ready to face all situations. The new tagline ‘Never lets you down’ says it all. The new commercial shows Prateik Babber convincing Mahendra Singh Dhoni about the features of the phone and the captain definitely looks convinced.


In the same way you and me also need at least one person in our life who never lets us down. Our parents are definitely the most amazing people on the earth. They can never let us down whatsoever. But with age, we meet a lot of people who play different roles in our life. Gradually one of them takes over everyone. For me its my husband. Though I have not known him forever but after my marriage he is the person on whom I can rely blindly. He supports me in my every decision and acts as a backbone. He is my best friend. There is great trust and mutual understanding between us. I look up to him for every little problem of mine. Most of the times, he ensures that I live my life as per my wishes. Many a times, he adapts as per my request. I cry on his shoulder and I smile with him. I have tested his patience innumerable times over the years but every time he has surprised me with his endurance level. On the low days, I get my strength from him. No matter what, I know I can lean on him always.


No matter what, I always count on him


This brand is comparatively new entrant in the market but they are playing their game with positivism and confidence. No matter they are surrounded by big competitors but they are doing good with their own set of products. The brand is making all efforts to come around as the most trusted and reliable mobile handset brand in the industry. To live the big dreams, marketing gimmicks are too small to do any good. One has to abide to its core values which in case of Lava Mobiles are – Integrity, passion for excellence and adaptability. They have an excellent product quality. Be it the hardware or the software, the phone is innovating with its new models. Next important aspect of the phone is reliability. It ensures to live up to our expectations. In today’s time, I am sure you look forward to a smartphone for every little thing and therefore you do need a handset which #NeverLetsYouDown. These phones are just that. They are put through a hundreds of tests to check their build strength and they are being made to be our most compatible friend. I am sure they will soon win many more hearts. This also means that ‘a smartphone that meets all our needs’ is  indispensable.



P.S. I have not used any of their phones but I have many friends who use it on a daily basis. The feedback has been positive. In 2014, the brand was declared as India’s 5th most trusted mobile handset brand. 


If you have used them, don’t hesitate to let me know your experience with these phones!!!



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