OTB- Cafe out of the box, Sector 29, Gurgaon



OUT OF THE BOX – I picked this term for the first time when my boss told me, ‘Hey, get me an out-of-the-box idea that sells’. And I was like what the heck is that? A few years down the line, it was a part of my own vocabulary when I told people around me that  I want to live a life out-of-the-box. And they looked at me curiously. Before they uttered, I just gave them a piece of my mind. I don’t want to be stuck up in the conventional 9 to 8 job, I want to chase my dreams. Now that I am doing what I love doing, collecting experiences, who knew that one day there would be a new cafe in the town called ‘Out of the Box’ and I would land up at its launch night. Yes, its fun to be a blogger.



Yes, so if you have heard of restaurateur Priyank Sukhija, you would know he loves opening restaurants with cool concepts. And now after giving us some upscale party places in Connaught Place, Khan Market, Sunder Nagar , Haus Khas Village, Nehru Place, he has turned his interest towards Gurgaon.  Cafe Out of The Box is the new kiddo in town in Sector 29. Yesterday, I was there for its launch party. The place buzzed with people, drinks and good food.



Cafe OTB-Launch Party Invite



This was just perfect to get me in. I was there with my husband and trust me more than me, its him who loves these cool places. But as my job goes, blogging gets me to these lovely experiences. We both love good food and have an appetite for it too. The bar is the last thing on our mind because we both are teetotaler. If everyone went for the cocktails, who would do justice with the mocktails, we do that. Just kidding, I just had one drink last night. It was a mix of blackcurrant, mango and something else and it was absolutely delightful. 




                       Just at the door!



The door read  OTB in bold and we made our way through it. We reached here by 10 p.m and by this time the place had already begin to groove  and warm up. 



OTB-Out of the Box
OTB-Out of the Box



The colorful wall art definitely got my eye right at the entrance. If you will concentrate, you will see it reads OTB.



Wall Art that welcomes you



A man with a box in the head was a nice photo-point. And I was glad to see the famous artist ‘M.F. Hussain’ painted on the wall. Well, all his paintings are out of the box and even if its  just my interpretation, I feel he aptly goes with the theme of the cafe.



Interiors - Out of the Box, Gurgaon



I looked around to get a feel of the interiors and decor. Hanging lamps looked beautiful. This was the most centrally located portion of the restaurant. The DJ and music was playing right opposite to it.



Music corner-OTB



One had to walk through the whole space to reach to the bar counter right at the end. Unlimited Booze and starters was being served on the house. It was definitely one crazy way of celebrating the launch with the foodies and food connoisseurs.   The guests were enjoying and making the most of it. 



Bar corner



The lights were dim and of course I was not carrying a camera but I did manage to take a few pictures to show you the buzz. Soon we were doing just what others were doing. Yes, we were eating and enjoying ourselves. First there was low music but soon the party fever took over every body. I am sure Gurgaon people had a great time and they stayed their till late. I was done in an hour and I left before 11.  All that I tasted is below. I could not manage to ask all the names of the dishes but I am glad I could manage pictures. Must say the food was good. I wouldn’t say everything that I tasted was out-of-the-box but yes most of it tasted yummy. The button mushrooms, beetroot rolls, chicken tikka, tarts or the Amritsari Fish came out to be really good. 



Tarts, Paneer
Small Cubes of Paneer in Tarts



This was very interesting. I picked more than one. The base was soft and crunchy.



Vegetable Poppers
Paneer Tart-Thai



A closer look. This one was different was the above. This had Thai spices.


Malai Chicken Tikka-OTB
Malai Chicken Tikka-OTB



The chicken was fresh, juicy and very soft. It almost melted in the mouth. Full marks to the chef.



Mushroom Buttons, Food, Out of the Box
Mushroom Buttons



 I loved them. They were delicious.



Beetroot croquettes, Food pic, Chicken
Chicken filled pockets (non-veg) Above   Beetroot croquettes (veg) Below



I could not catch the name of the dish but these pockets filled with chicken were scrumptious. The beetroot rolls were good too. My vegetarian husband loved them though.




New Places to eat in Gurgaon
Pizza Bites



Small bites of pizza were good.




We had this whole to ourselves.



Chicken Tikka
Chicken Malai Tikka



I actually drooled on them.



Vegetable Cutlets



This was something close to hara bhara kebabs in the form of rolls. I would say they were plain okay.




Here are our glasses. 1 mocktail each. This was good.



OTB, Sector 29, Gurgaon, Eating places in Gurgaon



And we clicked a selfie before heading out.



Gurgaon has definitely got a new place to party.

And last thing that I forgot to mention,  it has a small section which has one side open. Those who hate to be inside the four wall will love this which gets enough natural air. I did not go there but I quite liked the idea of it as one could see things happening outside in the market. Do comment and share about your experience whenever you are there.

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