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What to do this summers in Delhi-NCR?


How about enjoying snow in the capital? If you are still trying to connect the dots- Noida- Snow capital- Ski India, let me add more fuel to this sweet surprise and suspense. Soon weather forecast is going to be -14 degree Celsius in Noida and yet you will not be complaining of climate change. There will be freezing snowfall near you and yet you will happily looking for your pair of skis. No more you will miss the mountains and no more you will wait for the snow season because you will do your own frozen odyssey. There will be work calling at home yet you will prefer being lost in the intergalactic games like tubing, toboggan, bob shedding, ice skating, bumper cars. Your family will be around you but you will look for the company of the penguins. Well yes, Ski India is here to create that effect on us. And Noida will soon be called the SNOW Capital of NCR.


On 22nd April, SKI India, the indoor Sci-Fi themed snow park announced it grand launch at DLF Mall of India, Noida and I was among the selected few who got the privilege to experience the fun, first-hand. Now, let me take you through a virtual trip. 


Ski India, Mall of India, Snow capital, Noida, NCR
Ski India at MALL OF INDIA, Noida


I still have some faint memories of the snow and rain dance at Appu Ghar in Delhi but its been years when it closed down. While I had visited Dubai for the first time in 2014, I had visited Ski Dubai and the experience had been one-of-its kind. This year, when I revisited the Emirate again and experienced some fun at Ice-skating, I remember discussing it with my husband- ‘Why can’t we have something like this in India where we could play with snow and learn skiing and ice-skating? and he had said, Maybe we will have soon. While I was dreaming of having an advanced and thrilling amusement destination in my own country, Mr. Prasuk R Jain, Co-Founder and Managing Director Ski India and Priyanka Jain-Co-Founder and Business Development Head were already working on it. At the launch, Mr. Prasuk rightly said that the winter themed sports activities have been untapped Pan-India. And thus he had decided to conceptualize an all year round indoor snow resort introducing indoor skiing.  Yes, he also promised that SKI India will lend snow-fun all 365 days in Noida. 


Ski India, Noida, Mall of India, Snow park, Skiiing
This is what lies for you at SKI India- Don’t miss the fun!



Just when the grand launch was done and we were through with our questions, the staff at suits chamber got in action. Nevertheless, we were equally excited to grab the new suits, gloves and shoes before heading inside. You don’t have to undress and dress but instead wear a jacket that tucks you well over your clothes, cover your hands and fit in the snow boots. The sizes are simple to pick. There were lockers to keep bags and other stuff. Just when we were all geared up in the right way, we posed and clicked. Actually, we were a gang of travel blogger/friends who were invited together and we were making the most of it.  After the mandatory dressing up, we hurried walked towards the gate that opened into a cold planet. There, we were supposed to meet the species that thrived in the snow. A lot of snow fun was waiting to be discovered. 


SKI INDIA, Noida, Mall of India, Snow
All geared up to head inside the cold planet at SKI INDIA- Photo courtesy Abhinav Singh 


It was time to Jump, Play, Roll and Ski in the Snow!

Ski India, Noida, Mall of India
It has freshly snowed in Noida


Photos of Ski India
The species of the cold planet at Ski India


This unique Sci-Fi themed tourism project is built over 100,000+sq.ft property comprising of 2 floors. The moment we entered, our eyes were thrilled to see dollops of snow around us. Yes, it actually felt that I had woken up in Europe where fresh snow had just covered the neighborhood. (I have memories from Oslo) The child in me soon came into action and I picked up speed. Both, my eyes and legs were curious to discover everything, end to end. There was an eagerness to scan the length and breadth of this shiny and snowy ski resort. First we went around the left side of the snow park and then the right and lastly to the caves.  After all of this, we checked out the thrilling activities. In between we never missed an opportunity to pose and click pictures. There was an instance when we even forgot that we were no more kids and took to snow fights as well. It was thrilling, adventurous and entertaining to the T. This is what you expect from such places. The atmosphere should take over you till you get involved in the activities deeply and forget about the outer world. Yes, for sometime we did forget that we were in Noida. We thought we had landed on some other planet. 


SKI India, Fun, adventure, snow, Noida, Mall of India
When we travel bloggers posed like species from different planet at SKI India



Within half an hour, we could feel the freezing temperature of -10 degree celsius to -14 degree celsius take over us. I removed my gloves to check the affect and could feel the chill penetrate into my fingers. Soon I wore them back because we were still not done with the complete exploration. We discovered some more caves and holes and never-seen-before- sci-fi themed species. Also there were Orri and Orran (Ski India’s mascots) who showed us the way to us earthlings while the Snow men guided us through all the intergalactic sports. Yes, its not a good idea to fall on hard snow, thus its very important to listen to the snow men and enjoy the activities under their guidance. We did that and came out unhurt. I did not try out all the activities because I will go again with my family when the snow park will go live next week. It is yet not open for the public. The dates are yet not known. But we learnt that the ticket will cost Rs. 1200 for one and half hours session. 



tubing, toboggan, bob sledding, ice-skating, skiing
There is lots to do inside like tubing, toboggan, bob sledding, ice-skating, skiing- don’t forget to try it all. 



Ski India, Noida, Mall of India, Snow park
Wildest steep slope


Ski India promises snow all 365 days in Noida

Before leaving the premises, we thanked and congratulated the  inventors of the thrill- Chiliad Procons  for bringing the snow- fun in India. Ski India will definitely attract lot of kids and their parents and their parents. Maybe not all the activities but the fun of freezing and playing with snow is meant for all ages. The summers will be different this year.

Right now, I will not make any comparisons with Ski Dubai but only say that SKI India looks very promising.In a few months, I will definitely go back to see how its faring along. I want this one to come out better. 



Fun at Ski India
Thanks to my blogger friend Abhinav for this cute click.



Ski India, Tickets, Sessions, Snow
More information can be found on the website of SKI India



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