Spice jet, Womens Day, Bangalore

On 8th March this year I wanted to be at more than one place. While I was doing a FAM trip in Gunehar, Himachal Pradesh, I also had an invite to be a part of a very unique event  that was to take place in Bangalore. In commemoration of ‘Women’s Day’, and ‘Women Empowerment’  Spice Jet had invited me to an action-packed day but I couldn’t be a part of it due to prior commitment.



What really attracted me to the event was that SpiceJet along with Navjyoti India Foundation, India Vision Foundation and Art of Living was inviting 20 women from rural and challenged backgrounds to fly with them from Delhi to Bangalore on the Women’s day. They were hand-picked basis their stories of success. They were achievers in their own way.  In spite of facing tremendous hardships in life, they were doing everything to make it better for themselves and the people associated with them. These women had never had the luxury of taking flights.The agenda of the day was to fly them to a ‘Art of living’ center in Bangalore where through meditation and various stress relieving exercises they were taught the art of inner healing.



Of course I couldn’t let go my prior engagement, but  I did try to work out with the PR to arrange for my pick up from Pathankot airport. They tried too but the connecting flights to Bangalore were scheduled late and by the time I would have made to Bangalore, it would have been too late to reach. The real fun would have been to fly with them on the same flight and make conversations with them.  But I am glad to share that two senior bloggers (Alka Kaushik and Mridula Dwivedi) whom I really look up to did make it to this event and you can read here what happened there.




Spice Jet, Womens Day
The smiles say it all…



Spice Jet must be congratulated for doing things differently. The intent behind the whole show deserves all the more appreciation. I am glad they thought of inviting women bloggers too because who doesn’t love to meet and talk to inspiring women.

The flight that flew these 20 women had all women cockpit crew, in-flight crew and engineer. Apart from that on 8th March, 10 all women crew Spicejet flights being flown. 



Mr. G. P. Gupta – Chief Administrative Officer & Accountable Manager, SpiceJet, said “SpiceJet salutes all women on the occasion of International Women’s Day for their achievements and impeccable contribution to the society at large. Successful womanhood is more of an urban connotation. With this all women flight we have tried to draw the attention of the world towards that silent majority of women in India’s rural and slums, who raise generations of farmers, labourers, soldiers, intellectuals etc against all odds.” “Today in SpiceJet’s flight with our all women cockpit and inflight crew and engineers on one side, while ‘Women of Substance’ from rural and slums on the other; we commemorate women’s day in its true universal spirit.,” he added further.


Ms. Kiran Bedi “SpiceJet believes in empowering the marginalized by taking them on their ‘wings’. We are grateful for what you did for our children; you are now doing it for our women of rural and urban communities. For all of them being in an airplane will be their first flight!  Thank you SpiceJet for adding spice to the lives of the under privileged.


I celebrated WOMEN DAY with the local ladies of GADDI COMMUNITY

Honestly, I was not very happy about refusing this chance of celebrating International Womens Day in air and in an unique company. But as luck would have it, the day was meant to happen differently for me. Not in Delhi or Bangalore, but I spent the day in Gunehar village with the local women from Gaddi community. It was so much fun to talk to them about their village, culture, dressing style etc. Indeed these women who live in the villages are nothing less than the urban women. Each one is an inspiration in her own way. 



Gaddi community, Gunehar, Bir Billing, Himachal Pradesh
Women from Gaddi community, Gunehar, Bir Billing, Himachal Pradesh



Keep watching this space as lovely travel stories from Gunehar will be coming up on the blog soon…

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