Two weeks ago, when my husband flew back from Nigeria for a short break, I was quick to confirm my staycation at ITC GRAND BHARAT. Despite having an exclusive invitation to spend two nights there, I had not been able to avail it for months. Well, you must be wondering what made me win a stay in one of the grandest, all suites resort in India. Well, I am an ITC Hotels ambassador and this came as a privilege to me for promoting and supporting their campaign of #responsibleluxury. During my association with this hospitality chain, I actually learned that luxury can be guilt free if we utilize our resources in the right way and use technology to give back to nature. If you have not seen my videos yet,  you must check them now.

I seek comfort!!!

When it comes to my choice of hotels and ways of traveling, comfort is my highest priority. Everything need not be pricey but it has to be clean and hygienic. But if given a choice, luxury and indulgences are my weakness. I am game for different kinds of experiences but I love exploring the good things of life. So when this opportunity of experiencing the most premier resort in Delhi-NCR fell through, my heart fluttered with excitement.

Speaking from my personal experience now, ITC Grand Bharat is like a modern-day palace and they leave no stone unturned in making your staycation a memorable treat. The property truly lives up to its name. The grandness oozes out from every corner of the property. The location and the roads that lead to its gates may not be one of the best but its proximity to the Aravillis makes it look like a fort hidden in the hills. Despite being close to Gurgaon, it stands away from the maddening crowd of the capital. And once you are on its premises, the magnificence and splendor cast a spell on you. For three days, I almost forgot about the outside world and lived a life of a queen. While the architecture left me gasping, the room, food, services, hospitality thrilled my senses. I must confess that I didn’t want to leave my room because I had a personal pool to myself.

Room, Review, Grand Bharat
The bed room of my suite room.
Pool suites, Hotel in Delhi
I had a personal pool to myself.

What was my staycation all about?

Well, my staycation at ITC Grand Bharat was all about relaxation and rejuvenation. The idea was not only to spend quality time with my husband but also indulge in the luxuries and pamperings offered by the resort. We experienced the signature couple spa, indulged in the Swasthaya cuisine at Pavillion, attended the early morning yoga classes, went for the morning walks as well as played the adventure sports. To add to the fun, we also enjoyed our dining experiences at the two exclusive restaurants- ‘Apas Promenade’ and ‘The India Room’. Of all this, if I had to pick my favorites, I would say one must not miss the Royal Spa by Kaya Kalp and the Mewati cuisine at Apas. 

Apas Promenade, Grand Bharat
Apas Promenade overlooking the swimming pool

India Room

ITC Grand Bharat is different from the rest!!

There are seven things that make it truly spectacular.

  • 1.With the influences of Temple Mukteshwar of Orissa, domes of Islamic architecture and Beneras Ghat steps, this one boasts of one of the best architecture.
  • 2.The hospitality is impeccable. I loved the human connection with every staff member. They were courteous in everything they did. The staff members leave no stone unturned in making it a memorable experience.
  • 3.The food is all three of its restaurants was amazing. However, if I had to pick one, I would go for Apas Promenade.’
  • 4.There is a complete floor dedicated to spa and beauty and it is one of the most beautiful sections that I have ever seen in a hotel. The whole concept of promoting wellness vacation along with luxury makes it really-really special. They offer one of the best ayurvedic treatments & revitalizing massages.
  • 5.It exudes luxury and style at every step. absolutely loved the paintings and decorations of the restaurants and the Presidential suites. 
  • 6.The suite is almost like a small house with beautiful rooms, fully equipped with the best of amenities. 
  • 7.It is all about luxury!!

Every palette was beautifully laid down   The starters served at the Peacock Bar

The small ghats inside the hotel premises.
The small ghats inside the hotel premises.

How to Reach The Hotel?

ITC Grand Bharat is located in Gurgaon on the way to Jaipur. If you live in Delhi, you can always plan a staycation and drive in.

If you live in other parts of the country or world, plan your stay here whenever you are in Gurgaon.

Keep Travelling!!

P.S. If you have stayed in any of the ITC HOTELS, do share your experience below.

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