Nepal, Thamel, Kathmandu, PATA

It is my third day in Nepal and interestingly I have already touched upon 3 places. I am here to attend the Pre-Familiarization trip, Mount Everest Day,  International Travel Bloggers Conference, as well as Himalayan Travel Mart organised by NEPAL PATA CHAPTER and NEPAL TOURISM BOARD. Travel writers, bloggers, social media influencers, buyers from all over the world are here to participate in one of its kind event in Nepal.


My grandparents have always lived in Gorakhpur and Nepal has been a very close neighbour but I have never had a chance to explore it so elaborately like this time. There were two broad categories – Adventure and Culture-Wildlife and I chose the later. On the first day, i.e. 23rd May, I landed in Kathmandu. That day, I explored the Thamel market. On the second day, I got a chance to spend my day in Panuati village and today, I am already writing this blog from Tigerland resort in Chitwan


This is one of the smallest blogposts that I have ever written so please excuse me if you are looking for a long content. Last few days have been really hectic and I have not found time to write more but I really wanted to send some postcard pictures from my trip itself. These pictures capture my first impression of Nepal and the fun that I have had in the last three days!!

Nepal -Kathmandu-Thamel

Clicked this on the side of Kathmandu Guest House

Daal Bhaat -24 hour power -Nepal stable diet

The momos at Utsav, the authentic Nepalese resturant in Kathmandu

Local dance performer of Nepal

My hosts of the Newari caste

Ladies returning after working in fields.

On the way to Chitwan

Paati - The common resting place for the people of the neighborhood.

Panauti, in Kathmandy valley is famous for its old and traditional houses and homestay community.

My hosts taught me to make momos

Such lovely carvings make for temples in Panauti

The dried corns hanging outside the window in Panauti township in Nepal

The carvings are very interesting and speak of many stories- Nepal

The first group dinner hosted by PATA NEPAL CHAPTER -Himalayan Travel Mart

The ladies of different communities can be identified differently by their style of draping the saree.

The view from my room in Tigersland Resort in Chitwan in Nepal
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