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I returned from Jammu, the city of temples on 2nd October and was off to a beautiful heritage village, Garli in Kangra valley on the following day. This has been October so far. The latest is that I have started a Travel & Art Series’  which aims to capture everything related to art that I come across upon during my travels. Moreover, I also want to draw attention to the fact that art can be a great way of transforming a place, adding more beauty to it and making it more attractive for tourism purpose. I love to travel for discovering local artworks and I am sure there are many others who would love to do too.


My trip to Jammu was strictly personal and I had decided that I will only indulge in the family wedding. But the moment, our car drove through the road around hotel Asia, the multitude of colors on the walls on both sides caught my attention. There were some amazing drawings on the wall. In no time, I was sure that I was returning to the street soon after the wedding. On the third day when the functions were over, I was back with my camera to capture the fun. While I walked from one end to another, I had a chance to talk to few artists too who were giving final touches to their paintings.  I was pleased to learn that Jammu Municipal Corporation had organized an open wall painting competition to mark the third anniversary of Swachh Bharat Mission as Swachhata Hi Sewa. Had I known before that there were 3 days to make a wall painting, I would have participated too. The entries were very interesting  and I was amazed to see the creativity.


Asia Hotel, Jammu, Wall Art, Paintings


Travel for Art, Jammu and Kashmir
Some amazing social messages were conveyed through these paintings!


Wall Art in Jammu city


Wall Art, Paintings, Jammu
Every painting on the wall had something meaningful to convey.


3 days Wall Painting Competition in Jammu


The participants were supposed to paint on one of these themes –Swachh Bharat Mission, Smart City Jammu, Nature and Environment, social messages, Art, Culture & Heritage of Jammu. There were school kids to college students to families to established local artists who had put up their work. Most interestingly, each one had tried to live up to one social message in an unique way. What really impressed me was the enthusiasm and the great level of participation that had poured in. The locals had taken it utmost sincerely and had splashed the city with beautiful colors and messages.  I must applaud the organizers as well as everyone who participated and made it successful.


I love traveling to places for art and street art is my favorite. I was very excited to discover an abundance of it at one place. Some of the paintings gave an insight about the city too. Others had strongly put across messages like female foeticide, crime against women, drug abuse, pollution, rape and unclean surroundings. If you know the flyover around Hotel Asia in Jammu city, I am sure you will know where to find these freshly painted murals.


I will share all the wall paintings that I stumbled upon in the city. Let me share the first set of  pictures that were freshly done during the competition.


Wall paintings in India


Street Art, Murals


Save Earth Painting


‘Swacch Bharat Mission’


Jammu Wall Art


Save water!


Senior secondary school Jammu


Clean India Wall Art






















I am sure you were touched by the deep hidden meanings of these paintings. My favorite was the one which says ‘ Real Men Don’t Rape’. Tell me which one was your favorite!!
Happy Travelling!!

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