With the summer holidays underway it is the perfect time to plan an overseas holiday with friends and family. If you have found cheap air ticket from Mumbai to Bangkok, it is time you embark on a journey. Travelling abroad is an exciting experience. Therefore, if you have been feeling jumpy before an upcoming trip to a foreign land, let us remind you that it is a very normal feeling.


Irrespective of how many times you have taken a trip before, the night before your travel can leave you feeling jittery and unsuspectingly nervous. However, amidst all the excitement, make sure you are adequately packed. Besides the passport which is the most valid documents you need to travel abroad, we have enlisted the following items you must not forget to carry –


Pack Prescription Medicines/ First-aid Kit


First Aid kit for travel, Travel, Medical kit


If you are required to take prescription medicines, make sure you carry the complete supply of medicines. For example, if you are going on a 10-day trip, make sure you bring medicine that will last you that along. Besides the medications, make sure you also take a legitimate prescription along with you. This is important, just in case, there is a surprise check at the airport or immigration.


In addition to that, carry a small first aid kit that will in include cotton swabs, Band-Aids, digestive medicines, aspirin and pain-relieving drugs, etc.


Carry a Fanny Pack


Fanny bag


Fanny packs are waist bags that have various pockets and section in which you can store your money, phone, and other essential items. Although, fanny packs sound old school, but trust us it will make your life much easier when you are on the trip. For starters, you will not have to dig out your wallet to take out small change money. You can secure your subway ticket or amusement park ticket it in. Your hands will be relatively freer, and you can move around the place very freely.




Umbrella, Travel


Whether you are travelling to a warm or cold place, you have no idea how handy an umbrella can be. It will come to your secure in case of an unexpected spell of rain and scorching heat during the day. Pack an umbrella which is small and can easily fit in a handbag or the bag-pack. Space management is key, therefore if you do not have one already, invest in a 3-fold umbrella.




Charger, Travel, Universal



Tablet computer, Smartphone, and DSLR camera are some electronic gadgets that people carry with them when travelling abroad. You may be carrying any one of these items or all of them. However, these devices will not last your long if you forget to bring the charger. Therefore, the night before the trip make sure that your charge these equipment’s, especially the batteries of your DLSR camera and you put them in an organiser before putting it in your travel bag.


Take Copies of the Travel Documents



Carrying the original copy of your passport, travel insurance card is a must. However, along with these, you should also carry the photocopy of these essential documents. Just in the case due to an unforeseen circumstance you lose these valid travel documents, you can always show the copy of your passport that will allow the authorities of the country to verify your identity.


According to a Business Standard report from 2014, there has been a 21% rise in the number of Indian travelling abroad. In fact, for the rising middle class of this country, taking a trip abroad is a primary pursuit of their life. This is the reason, why travel portals like Yatra offer cheap air tickets from Mumbai to Bangkok and to other foreign destinations during peak holiday season. So, if you are considering travelling abroad anytime soon, make sure you do it in advance to strike the best deals and discounts.

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