2022 - Manifest an Year of Fantabulous Travels

I take this pleasure of wishing all my readers a very ‘Happy New Year‘. Let us begin the year with positive manifestations. 2022 will be a safe and healthy year. It will be an year of positivity and great health. And, it will also be an year of fantabulous travels. Period. I am in no mood to look for answers like ‘how’, ‘why’ and ‘when’. I simply want the things to happen, the way my heart desires. I am wishing for 2022 to be a travelling year and a calendar full of amazing memories. I know all of this sounds unbelievable when India is already on the verge of third wave. But again, let us put out our choicest wishes in the world and see them come true. Let the power of magic, miracles and manifestation reveal their true self.

2022 - Manifest an Year of Fantabulous Travels
Manifesting an Year of Fantabulous Travels

Goodbye 2021, Welcome 2022

Most of us would love to erase the memories of the unfateful year of 2021. It was ruthless and devastating. Each one of us lost someone special. We lived in gloom and mostly in the fears of a virus. The year was harsh on people from all walks of life. As a travel writer cum blogger, these were the toughest years. I would want to forget them and move ahead. For most of the time, I was left thinking when will it feel safe to travel? Will we be able travel freely like before? Both the years (2020 and 2021) made travelling uncomfortable, challenging and fearful. The whole world has suffered but I am reeling from the hit that travel industry has incurred. Thankfully, the awareness and the speedy vaccination drives are promising sunny days. I pray and wish that 2022 will make up for everything that we have missed in the last two years. Some losses will be impossible to come to terms with but we will have to move ahead. Let us hold that thought and begin the year on the happiest note.

Let us manifest what we want!

Let us dream of a beautiful year and a world free from the pandemic

When the clock struck 12 in the night in India, the first thought that I had in my mind was that I want a ‘happy year’ in the truest sense. 2021 was kind of definitely not that way. It was erred with anxiety and stress. It was difficult to cope up with the sad news all round the year. This year, I wish to do things that I love and travel the world. Before the pandemic struck, this is how I loved my life to be. Staying home with family has been good in many ways but I have missed my work, the joy of exploring new places and the thrill of discovering new stories. Its time to resume and dream of a world free of the pandemic.

How do you want the year to be? Where do you wish to travel? Do share your happy wishes and manifestations in the comments below.

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