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When I had proposed artistically in design and colors…

This is the story of bold confession from the pages of my love-diary.

I conveyed the #SoundOfLove through my paint brush.

Six months old in a job as a graduate intern, I had a huge crush on my team lead. As I look back, honestly it was too daring an act to tell him what I thought of him. The reason was he wasn’t too friendly, we had known each other only for a few months, he was older in age and position and more, he was a super workaholic person. No matter what, I have to confess I was totally smitten by his charming smiles and comforting mannerisms.

As cupid played it for me, we were soon teamed for a special project. Thus, my love took over both my heart and mind in a couple of weeks of knowing him better. It became imperative to ease my heartbeats that echoed love at his mere sight.  The arrival of Valentines day came as a signal from God that it was time to move forward. Just out of engineering college, in 2008 I actually raked my brains to produce an innovative, crazy, whacky way of expressing my love to him but I chose to go expressive and bold through my artistic touch, something that I had been doing since my childhood. I wanted him to hear the #SoundOfLove created by my paint brush.

Since childhood I had a beautiful hobby. I was fascinated with art, paintbrush and colors and it was my way of expression. I painted for my favorite people. To be my good friend was easy but to get a hand painted greeting card on festivals, one really had to be very close to me. Not just Diwali or New Year, I would make twice a dozen greeting cards round the year. Except my parents and grand parents, a few favorite cousins, I wouldn’t part to agree with most of them. Even if my parents insisted to post a few to relatives, I would not comply. My rule was very simple, my expression of love was meant for people who really mattered to me.

My art was simple but it always meant something.  Every year I would paint something different for my parents too. Gradually other engagements of life did not leave me with much time and Art began to take a back seat. But who knew that I would paint a T-shirt one day to declare my love for someone special, later who would make my husband.

 On the eve of V day, I told M that I wanted to give him a gift.  I thought he was taken for surprise but now he tells me he wasn’t. Thank God;, the admiration was mutual. I still thank my luck for this. If I tell you what I told him more, you would be amazed.

Before that, let me tell you what the packet contained.  I had actually gifted him a T-shirt (below ) bought from Max.  Initially it was a plain white Tee but I had painted it over a few weekends.  After many years, I had returned to my paint brushes and had played with colors for a very special person in my life. Along with it I had written a note that explained him the idea behind the art and conveyed my message of love.

The guy is my interpretation of M. The happy face with bright large eyes  is how I saw him ‘sweet, smug and approachable’. The hazy hair is nothing like what he looked but I told him this is how your age guys should keep their hair- funky and cool. He had long hair and loved flaunting a pony which I totally detested about his looks. The roll of papers emerging from his computer were mostly about his work as most of the time I saw him amidst papers. He had to make a lot of reports that needed print outs. I often hovered around the printer to get a glimpse of him. I liked his dressing sense but through these colorful trousers I had conveyed him that he really needed to pair up some colorful combinations in his wardrobe.

While ‘I love my Job’ meant that M was totally about his work. I told him I admire your workaholic nature but interesting it also says about my feelings – in place of saying ‘I love you’ I had written ‘ I love my Job ‘ because I loved coming to the office to see him and meet him. The clock was more about keeping a tab on time because he never left office before 8 p.m. I wrote to him that he must devote some time for love and second he should not spoil the working culture  of the office because every other person in his team was required to stay back till he left…. (my bold confession)

P.S. I wrote an additional note that ‘I loved him the way he was but if he worked on the above pointed things, I would love him all my life.    🙂

Even after 7 years Manik has kept it safely and the tag remains intact. Believe me I had forgotten about it but when I told hubby about this contest, he instantly reminded me of this precious gift and fetched this Tee from Mum’s almirah  that I had given him years back. He confessed again that it had totally swept him off his feet and it made a unique way of proposal. He had loved my honesty and artistic approach to love.

I am glad my sound of love had traveled through Art and colors…

I am participating in the #SoundOfLove activity at BlogAdda in association with Bluestone.

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