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I had an exclusive and perfect ‘foodie-time’ at Penthouse

Candle Light Dinner , Penthouse

The moment we entered the first floor of PENTHOUSE at GK-I, N Block Market, it reminded me of a friend’s house that had a floor only meant for partying till the wee hours of morning. No less, this space (meant for 50 people) with a similar concept looked absolutely stunning,  cozy, intimate and perfect for mingling with close friends.

The staff helped us to settle down quick and easy. As soon as I was comfortable, I got my eyes rolling and looked around while a scented candle made its way to our table. The dim light, warm ambiance and the simple decor of the property spoke of luxury and grandeur. The wooden floor, neatly stacked books, high chairs, small stools and soft couches added a classy touch to the entire setup.

Candle Light Dinner , Penthouse

The bar was on my left and it looked colorful and inviting. It had been a humid day in Delhi and I was anyways looking forward to some interesting summer coolers on the Friday evening. Adding drinks to our food has become a habit now. Must say, food industry in Delhi has been buzzing tremendously and with new restaurants coming up almost everyday, its time for unique reinventions.  No matter how much one may spend on decor, styling, interiors, presentation, but one can catch the nerve of the people only through the best food and drinks in the town. 

Penthouse, a new lounge and bar in the capital

Before we went ahead with our orders, I wanted to meet the manager and since he was busy on the ground floor, we decided to come down. Due to my leg injury it was difficult to climb up and down again and again we decided to stay here itself.  Also the bright light always works better for me more than the dim lights if I am not dancing with friends. We (hubby and I) love to admire our food and its plating under bright lights. Its so much easy to take photographs too. The Pout cafe in the lower floor looked inviting and we occupied a corner where we could relish our food with our conversations.

Penthouse in N Block Market of GK1


We met the manager and soon he greeted us very warmly.  As a blogger I love my work because it not only gives me delicious experiences in the form of food tasting but it also gives me a chance to interact, to see, to understand the concept behind the eatery.  As a customer I would not want to know why its called penthouse or why the menu card carries the chosen dishes but as a story-teller its so much fun to know the stories and scenes behind the name, concept, theme and much more.

Soon I was in my groove with my conversation with the manager. He politely handled all my curiousness around the property, promotion and the food. Penthouse is yet to be found on Zomato because its too new and its transformation is underway. As the name suggests, Penthouse- a modern lounge & Bar is meant to give one-of -its-kind, ultimate experience to its visitors. Brainchild of Sunny Bhatia, it aims to offer a customized experience to the people of Delhi.


I was glad to be here in the restaurant in its very initial phase. The terrace is definitely the soul of the property but it is yet not open for the public.  The plush and chic decors are impressive but its getting better with each passing day. With a global cuisine on the mind and Italian being its soul, interesting dishes have found its way on its menu card.

Something that we really loved about the menu was its subsections- ‘From The East’, ‘From The West’ and ‘From The Home’. It actually helps to locate and find just the right thing that you have been looking for. The Small plates is a good idea too, though I always feel there should be an option for ‘Combinations as well’ where one can club two or more different snacks and order a combination platter.

Watermelon Slush and Black Orange!

Having  enough on the background, it was time to tantalize  our taste buds. We started on very refreshing notes. Watermelon slush was just the right thing for my hubby because he is fond of watermelons and I was all happy with my black Orange- a nice blend of Black currant and orange. (Highly recommendable)

Mushroom Croquettes, Cheddar Rolls, Galauti Kebab

The starters were served right away and we couldn’t wait to fork it down. I picked the mushroom croquettes first and couldn’t stop until they simply melted in my mouth. The first dish had already raised my expectations and I didn’t stop until I had judged the rolls and kebabs too. For a foodie like me,  everything was absolutely perfect. The non-vegetarian in me couldn’t wait for the chicken starters.

Jalepano Cheddar Rolls

While the rolls had very interesting filling, the mushroom croquettes simply took over our taste buds. The cheesy melt down was delightful. Hubby immediately ordered for some more while I sat fascinated over the dumplings as they arrived one after the other. I am a great fan of Cantonese food and I love the steamed dimsums.

Asparagus Dumplings

The asparagus tasted just right and the wrap was amazingly thin. In the Crystal corn and spinach, one could easily peep into the bright colors. I tasted one of each because vegetarian is not my cup of tea, its meant for hubby. The chicken delights were yet to come and I was securing enough space for them.

Crystal Spinach and Corn

Here came the prawn dumplings and see how amazing they look. Honestly, they looked irresistible  and as soon as I was done with the first click, I fell for one after the other. Had only two because I was lured by the chicken sanghai.

Prawn and chive dumplings

The minced meat in the below was just the right thing that I needed. In exactly, four minutes they were all gone. I simply loved them. The chicken was soft and nice.

Shanghai Style chicken dumplings 4 Sauces to go with the dumplings

Hubby loved these four sauces that were served with the dimsums and each one had a unique flavor of its own. I enjoyed the Bean sauce and it is a must do.

Amritsari Fish

I have a taste for fish too but more than its curry versions I love something like above. Yes, the Amritsari style is always a delight and this one was good too.

Grilled Olive Chicken

I wanted to personally thank the chef for the grilled olive chicken. This was my favorite. I love Olives and whoever has been reading me for long knows I love unique chicken dishes more than anything. This deadly combination of Olive and chicken grilled aptly impressed me. Go for this one without a second thought.

Spicy Chicken in three styles

Juicy, tender chicken chuncks marinated and prepared in different style and served with tri-colored sauces to go-with was flattering to my taste buds.  Each had a unique appeal of it own. As far as the taste is concerned, I would call it nothing less than ‘Delicious’. 

Veg Pizza

While I concentrated on all the non-vegetarian dishes, hubby enjoyed the vegetable pizza. A thin crust one is always the preferred one but I wouldn’t say this was the best that I have eaten before. Wood fired pizzas impress me more. This one was good but not something that I would recommend in comparison to others that I have eaten.

Thai curry with steamed rice

Hubby having studied in Phillipines has a fondness for Thai food. Whenever there is an option, he definitely goes for Thai curry. Here as well he ordered for a small portion of Thai curry and rice. And I must tell you there are rare times when he actually relishes the taste to call it perfect. This one got a heads up right away. When I tasted a bite, I too savored the taste of the curry but found the salt on the higher side. Before leaving we did not forget informing about it to the manager.

Banoffee Pie

Banana is my favorite fruit and a banana dessert is like a cherry on the cream. This Banoffee pie made of banana and toffee was the best thing that I had had in many days. If you just pass by the pout cafe anytime and you are a banana loyal, you must go for this.

Pout cafe is the place that this location has always been known as  but now the upper floor+terrace has been done up as a new embodiment- PENTHOUSE. The pout cafe will continue to flourish on the ground floor. To hold a cocktail event or a private party or a date with someone who loves to be on a gastronomical high, PENTHOUSE would be the choice.  Hope all the changes take into effect pretty soon, the terrace opens and the plan goes just as proposed. As far as food is concerned, this one rocks!!!

I was invited here for the food tasting but the views are all mine. The portions served were just for our sampling.

Happy Eating!!!

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  1. Seems to be a nice place to hangout. I was awe struck with those transparent crystal spinach and corn. It was a visual treat and so much inviting too, so is the black orange.
    Well written post Manulika.


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