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Jyran, Sofitel Mumbai and Chef Shadab Ahmad Qureshi

Sofitel Mumbai BKC - Jyran elephant

What does Jyran mean?


It sounds a very lovely and unique name to me. I am sure you are equally curious to know the background around it before exploring the epicurean delights of the Tandoor Dining & Lounge, the signature restaurant of Sofitel Mumbai BKC.  Here is my elaborate account of spending a couple of hours here.



Jyran-The bar counter is an elevated terrace area offering al fresco seating.
Just like its beautiful name Jyran- it is a gorgeous restaurant too.



Three weeks ago, I was there for an afternoon lunch to meet the Chef de Cuisine and  explore the flavors. Well, here I really eager to tell that Shadab Ahmad Qureshi hails from Lucknow (my favorite city where I grew up) and most importantly he comes from the renowned and legendary 200-year-old Qureshi family. He is the grand son of the famous ‘Imtiaz Qureshi’, one who has been known as the ‘King of Kebabs’ and also the world’s first modern Indian chef.



Chef Shadab Ahmed, Jyran , Mumbai, Qureshi family
Chef Shadab Ahmed Qureshi



He came out to be a very warm and friendly person and his story was unbelievable when he said that initially he would not take much interest in cooking and was just not serious about his role as a chef until he got a good scolding from his grandfather and Mamu one day. (All are famous chefs) But the day he realized he had it all in him to make it big, he has worked with one of the best names in the hospitality industry.  From working with personalities like Jiggs Kalra to the Ohris Cuisine Court (Hyderabad), Hilton Golden Palms resorts & Spa (Bangalore), ITC Maurya Sheraton (New Delhi), ITC Grand Chola (Chennai), The Leela (Mumbai), Chef has acquired the proficiency needed in the field. Both of us being from Lucknow, we talked around the spices and the flavors, mutton, chicken and Biryani dishes and he could easily understand my taste, the way I liked my lamb. I had a very jovial conversation with him.



Jyran - The restaurant has different sections to cater for smaller or bigger groups.



I must mention that this was not my first time here in Jyran. An year ago I had had the priviledge to stay in Sofitel. But my work had kept me extremely busy and mostly quick dinners here. No doubt I had loved the place even then. More so, the memories from the place had stayed because of the food and also because I had met Director Subhash Ghai here. My friends had teased me saying, your name starts from M, just tell him that… Ha ha, so we all know the director’s fascination with letter M and how he has given some wonderful actresses to the industry. Anyways, coming back to the restaurant as a blogger this time was indeed a pleasure.



Jyran – Tandoor Dining & Lounge-The signature restaurant of Sofitel Mumbai BKC
Jyran – Tandoor Dining & Lounge-The signature restaurant of Sofitel Mumbai BKC



The story behind the name-Jyran!

It has a Persian connect. It means ‘lost love’, a name that is also symbolic of hope, new beginnings and emotions that follow. There is a story too. The restaurant symbolizes the relationship of a young boy Jyran who once befriended an elephant from whom he learnt the valuable lessons of life. Warm and affectionate, the ambiance of Jyran denotes their companionship and also reminds one of the imperial gatherings of the saints and poets in a bygone era.




Jyran means lost love in Persian- there is a story of an elephant and a boy, Travel blogger in Mumbai, Manjulika, Pendown
The most attractive part of the restaurant is the 2-tonne elephant made of scrap metal. 



One notices the elephant structure while crossing the beautifully structured bridge that connects to the open area of the restaurant. The sculpture is set over the water-feature, and it gives an impression to the eyes as if its walking on the water. The whole structure is made up of scrap and I think that’s a great idea to make use of scrap.



Jyran- The interiors are embellished with intriguing influences from a palace with grand windows in a timber setting.
Jyran- Beautiful interiors, rich in color, art and culture.



The moment you walk in the restaurant, you are taken in by its classy setting. The interiors are very tastefully and artistically done. The elegance welcomes you perfectly. There is richness of colors as well as subtle tones too complemented with white flowing curtains.




Time to take the table at Jyran, BKC, Sofitel Mumbai
I was all set to go for my table setting!!



Now you must watch to see what all I ate that afternoon. Yes, its high time I start weight watching. being from Lucknow and Delhi, I have developed a different taste for delicacies and thus I never dissect much on the food and its taste. Everyone has their own. I will take you through the culinary adventure and only recommend what I liked best.



Sofitel, BKC, Mumbai, Khas, Rose, Mocktails
This refreshing drink was made of lime, mint and rose and I still remember that the after taste had lingered for long. 



Trust me I loved most of the food offered to me but I had my feedback too which I gave to the chef later. One should not go looking for a particular flavor here because they cater to a global travelers. Most of them are business travelers and everyone wants a unique taste. For example I did not like the lamb chops made from lamb from New Zealand but my friend liked it. I found it hard and less on the succulent side. I also learnt the difference between lambs and also what the people around the world prefer. So you see I have been learning around food with each of my restaurant reviews.




PAYA YAKNI JYRAN, Soup, Garlic flavored lamb trotter soup
PAYA YAKNI JYRAN—Garlic flavored lamb trotter soup



I got a set menu serving to me– Paya yaknhi, paneer khas, murgh al jyran , anar badam ke aloo, chooza makhni,nahari,paneer labadar, dal al jyran, murgh awadhi biryani, naan makhni, missi, tandoori roti, aabi royi and tabkh jamun, assorted kulfi.



PANEER KHAS - V Exotic cottage cheese chunks filled with mint chutney, cooked in a clay oven



Paneer Khas–Exotic cottage cheese chunks filled with mint chutney, cooked in a clay oven.

Murgh Al Jyran — Chicken marinated with vinegar, red chilies and hung curd cooked in a clay

Loved the paneer and chicken both.



Starters-Murgh Al Jyran, Paneer Khas,Anar Badam ke Aaloo
Starters-Murgh Al Jyran, Paneer Khas,Anar Badam ke Aaloo



BARRAH ATISH AHEDENU– Lamb chops marinated with spices, yoghurt and cooked in a clay oven

ANAR BADAM KE ALOO – V Potatoes with almonds and fresh pomegranate cooked in a clay oven

The aloo was interesting. Would suggest it as part of the set platter but will not recommend individually. These lamb chops were not the best that I have eaten but were good.



nahari with the paneer and dal
The lamb nahari with the paneer and dal

The nahari had a different taste and I quite liked it. So you see its just the game of flavors and spices which worked for me. Maybe because I am from the north frontier of the country.



The main course, Jyran, BKC Mumbai
The main course platter, Jyran, BKC Mumbai



The paneer labadar was delicious. And every one from Delhi is gonna love the Dal. The breads were soft and nice.



Naan, Assorted breads
Naan, Assorted breads



I was really having a nice time eating food, understanding it and savoring the tastes.Of course I was accompanied by my friend and we were making great conversations too.



Salads- Onions just what you need with the non-veg food
Onions,lemon, chilli- just what you need with the non-veg food



If its non-veg, no one needs a decorative salad. The trio above make a deadly combination.



 Nahari-Chef’s secret recipe of curry with lamb shanks, cooked with exotic spices
Nahari-Chef’s secret recipe of curry with lamb shanks, cooked with exotic spices


This is something I would recommend even though I found its taste much different to what I love eating in Old Delhi or be it at Bara Darhi, Gurgaon. 



The New Zealand lamb chops
A differently done Lamp chop 


These lamb chops were made from New Zealand Lamb. I did not like them because they were not tender. I like my meat soft. I gave my feedback to the chef and then he explained me the difference in the lamb variety.



Papad and Raiyta goes with the Biryani

Papad and Raita goes with the Biryani perfectly.

The biryani, raita and the papad were a winner together. I was extremely full  by this time but yes I would recommend the Biryani. It had just the right flavors that I relish any day.  You must read this to know why I love biryani and all its cousins…



MURGH AWADHI BIRYANI Aromatic rice preparation with chicken and saffron cream
MURGH AWADHI BIRYANI — Aromatic rice preparation with chicken and saffron cream



Have you eaten Mandi and more cousins of Biryani?



TABHAKH JAMUN with Assorted Kulfi
TABHAKH JAMUN with Assorted Kulfi



The sweet dish was like a cherry on the cake. The kulfi was exotic. The Malai / Kesar / Paan made a super treat for me. You must try this.



This is all about my fun time there. Looking forward to bring more tastes from across India and the world. Follow my updates on twitter. 



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