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The couple that loves to do the laundry together!

At first I thought he may not want to pose doing it all but no he didn’t throw tantrums at all.  Rather he modeled for it superbly and announced it proudly to his sister and friends too. 

(This is what my husband told his family and friends when he had a word with them on phone)

‘Hey, don’t forget to read my wife’s blog in next two days, I will be seen taking the #WashBucketChallenge initiated by Ariel India. I will be doing the Sunday laundry there. Do read and get inspired too!

Honestly, I didn’t know how it sounded to them and how they reacted but it meant many things to me- sweet, cute, funny, sporty, self-praising but worth it, supportive to the cause and absolutely honest.

Last time when I wrote for #IsLaundryOnlyAWomansJob I did mention that my husband has always been a enthusiastic participant in the household chores. I must share one super awesome quality about him that though he lives a life out of a suitcase (yeah I am a consultant’s wife), he never returns with bag fulls of dirty clothes for me. Yes,  he ensures he does the laundry, get them done and then return with clean clothes.  I am absolutely proud of him. Believe me he is a super cook and a great help while managing the laundry. Oh yes, I feel too low and cry my heart out when he isn’t around… now you know why!  🙂  😉

Since he isn’t traveling this month, like an usual Sunday he took charge of his laundry. The detergent Ariel matic was sent to me by blogadda. Together we took the Wash Bucket Challenge. For this prompt I have attempted a photo-blog ( a self story told by the detergent itself)   and have tried unique captions for my clicks. Hope you enjoy!!!

The music will set the mood and the atmosphere!!!

 I am ARIELMATIC complete+, My packing is super-cute right?

I have just landed at the Sehgal’s place and they are excited to see ME. Interesting!!!


Mr. Sehgal is all set to take the #WashBucketChallenge. Wow, his wife is so lucky.

Posing with the Washing machine at the couple’s place while they bring the Sunday laundry bag.


Someone please take my close-up!!! I need a Selfie too! I play a great role after all. Laundry becomes super easy with my use.


 Aaah!! The husband of the house is all set to work with me and the wifey is busy clicking. I like it...


My mate, washing machine is being thirst-quenched. I am waiting to get dissolved in H20.  Then its gonna be Lather time…


Mr. Sehgal looks like a pro at washing clothes. It seems he has been doing it forever.  😉  😉


   My detergent granules are loving the spin along with the clothes.

My aim is to give clean and shiny clothes. 


Some part of me is working on the clothes while I proudly sit perched on the right. The new chemical composition in me acts super-fast on the dirt and the fast marks of the clothes.


Even the washing machine looks brighter!!

Shine, Shine everyone with Arielmatic.

 I have done my part. Now its Mr. Sehgal’s turn to do rest of it  😉


 The lady is helping him too. They are separating the detergent remains from the washed clothes before putting the clothes in the dryer.


 Soak in me, Spin with me, Wash with me and Rinse me out!

The man of the house has been a great sport as he declares….

 I am done with the #WASHBUCKETCHALLENGE.  It was easy-peasy because I regularly do the household laundry and share wifey’s load. How about you?



The lady of the house poses with me too. She is all happy as the husband is at work.

How cute, the couple poses with me!

They sing….Together we do the Laundry, Together we do the Selfie!


I nominate 5 couples to do fun over household laundry and enjoy the togetherness.

Talk, Laugh-over, Connect, Share The Load and do some Soak, Spin, Wash and Rinse too.

Yogesh and Richa Deshpande

Sumit and Aarti Sehgal Sabharwal

Tanushree and Prabal

Mayur and Ronita Bhandari

Neha and Mayur Raitani


This post is part of the #WashBucketChallenge activity at in association with Ariel India.

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    1. Thanks Parul… Oh yes! Infact not just the laundry, there is much that must be done together…

  1. Photo-blog story is superb.. I am about to take Wash bucket challenge and write up tonight 🙂


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