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Indian folk Art -Cheriyal Painting

Making Cheriyal Paintings of Telangana

Backyard Tourism– In this blog, I have shared some ‘Keynotes on Cheriyal Paintings of Telangana‘ as well as pictures of my first attempt of making one. The past few months have been surreal and it is still hard to believe that these ‘social distancing days’ have changed the course of our lives. No doubt, I …

Home made Pesarattu

Andhra Food- Scrumptious Pesarattu

Andhra Pradesh’s signature and scrumptious Pesarattu Nearly four years ago, I had eaten Pesarattu (dosa like preparation native to Andhra Pradesh) in the city of Vizag. I distinctly remember that I had relished it then but after that I did not get to eat an authentic one. Who knew a couple of years later, I …

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