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Itinerary for family trip in Goa

A Relaxed Family Trip In Goa

Family trip in Goa! If you thought that holidays in Goa is only about holidaying with friends, let me try changing your mind. How about giving a surprise and telling your family that you are taking them on a holiday to Goa, a couple of weeks from now? Trust me, the expressions on their faces …

Supermoon, Goa, Tripurari Poornima

Super moon and Tripurari Poornima in Goa

Last Monday, I celebrated Tripurari Poornima in Vithalapur, Sankhali – Goa!!!     November 14th, 2016 was a special super moon night. At precisely 7.22 p.m. the moon was closest to the Earth. It was the closest super moon to Earth in almost seven decades. There wouldn’t be another largest, brightest and closest super moon til 2034. …

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