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My heart goes to Oslo again and again

  The memories are still fresh. I was seriously unhappy as I couldn’t be with my hubby on our first anniversary. He was far away in Norway, the beautiful one, the land of Midnight sun and I was in India. The Norwegian Embassy had put my visa application on hold (even though I had had …


Mr. and Mrs. in Riyadh!

Since I have played the below video, the one from British Airways, I have felt connected.  Somewhere, it captures our stories perfectly.   As couples, we all need our personal togetherness time. The rut of life, our customs and demands of life leave us with little time to celebrate with each other.  After celebrating all the …


A wee bit of Shetland!

Hi Readers! I am happy to publish a special post today. It comes from my best friend Anushree Ganguly Chowdhury. She is multi-talented and writes really well. A little pamper was required to coax her in for writing this piece but I am sure this is the best beginning. She is an Indian and lives in Glasglow and in …

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