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Sushi in India

Sushi : Simple, Sumptuous and Sour Tasting

In an exquisite cafe in Johannesburg (where I am putting up these days), hubby, his friends and I were discussing changing food culture of India. While we discussed the good old fascination for Chinese and Italian, we also mentioned that how the new generation loves to experiment with Mexican, Spanish, Turkish, Burmese and more. Just then I casually mentioned, ‘India …

World Art Dining, Punjabi Bagh, Delhi

World Art Dining Is A Happy And Tasteful Place

  Hubby and I are big time food lovers and thus we are back with yet another foodie experience. Three weeks ago, I had an invite from World Art Dining, Punjabi Bagh. I immediately looked into its details and was really impressed to learn about its elaborate menu comprising of fine dining, exotic global cuisines, luxury banqueting …

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