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Chikan in Lucknow, SEWA chikan, Good chikankari

The Chikankaari Charm Of Lucknow

    Lucknawi Chikankaari has stood through decades and even today this beautiful and elegant hand-embroidery does not fail to impress. I dedicate this article to the artisans who have held the treasure forever. As a little girl when I wore my first Chikan salwar-kameej, I was totally fascinated by the colorful threads that wove bel …

Love Birds, Dilli Haat, Art, Craft, Romance

Sunny Saturday at Dilli Haat

    I had really been looking forward to meet my blogger friends N and AD for long and this weekend it actually happened. Janaury means winters in Northern India and a sunny day during winters is precious. The sun was in a good mood this Saturday and we made the best of it by deciding …


Freedom is everything…

    “Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred.” ―Martin Luther King Jr.      Freedom means everything. It is actually next to staying alive. The need to be free is completely non -negotiable. Freedom means having an inner voice and the liberty to …

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