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The Joys of Togetherness

Ripe Lemon on the tree in my garden

What a lovely video it is!


It absolutely transported me in those moments of bliss which come with the little joys of life. And of course, I was nostalgic about childhood. It points out wisely that growing old doesn’t mean we have to brush off the innocence of life. Right from the time we were born, God wanted us to learn to live together, first with our family, then friends and with more people whom we met in our life. Why are we becoming so aloof?


In the mundane world, we have become too preoccupied with the materialistic things. We have become obsessed with our own self.  Do we really have the time to stand and stare and appreciate the pleasures of life? Each day we are growing old but we are running our own race against time. Emotions have converted to digital emoticons and our life has become slaves of technology. 



Did I notice the little flower that was born in my garden today? There was a ripe lemon too that was just ready to fall from the tree but I hardly noticed. I was too busy in attending the trivial things of life. I confess this because the video really urged me to go out and look for those sweet joys of nature. And when I did go out, I felt so cherubic. Nature cheered me up almost instantly. While I was looking at my own garden, I also peeped in my neighbors house and there were some more lovely flowers there too.  She was standing there and she smiled. I smiled back too. Right there, we got in a conversation and it felt so refreshing to talk. The last we had chatted was like a month ago. Damn our busy lives, we have forgotten to live life with our closest ones. But there is no fun in blaming, we have to do this for ourselves. Lets grow old but together. 


 A little flower in shades of pink and white
A little flower in shades of pink and white


Ripe Lemon on the tree in my garden
Ripe Lemon on the tree in my garden

See I discovered the lovely sights in my garden itself. 


‘Real Togetherness’ with people around us and there is no denying the fact tha Nature has a magical charm and it has the power to  spellbound anybody. From the beautiful locales of the Himalayas in India to Norway, Switzerland in Europe to my recent trip to Sursingdhar in Uttrakhand, nature always has made me cry with joy. We must teach our kids too that we need to move out of our digital world and connect with people in real.I have realized it a number of time that meeting people in person has felt so different and alive than just talking to them on phone or on social media platform. 


I must congratulate Kissan for coming up with such a beautiful message through the video. Ploughing the soil, sowing the seeds, watering them and seeing them grow is a lovely journey. We must all do this in our neighborhood and get the kids involved.  I am sure this will help us to bond better and get over with our inhibitions too. Some of the best people live just next to us but we never make efforts to know them. I guess this is a great opportunity, lets order the seeds. 


Let me know your views on this!





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