Best party venues in Brickell

Best Party Venues in Brickell

After an year of staying indoors, there is no better feeling than talking about partying. Keeping up with my armchair travel series, let us head to Brickell today. Coastal cities know how to party; Santa Monica, New York, and Jersey City have hosted some truly epic parties over the years. Brickell, Florida is no slouch …


Kae-Sa-Luk – Rejoicing Thai Art at Home!

Travellers never miss a chance to talk about their memories related with its pristine beaches, flavoursome food, exhilirating adventure, affable hospitality, picturesque temples and crazy shopping but for me Kae-Sa-Luk is the first thing that comes in my mind, at the mention of Thailand. I love the Kingdom of Thailand for many reasons but my …

10 offbeat honeymoon destinations in India

Top 10 Offbeat Honeymoon Destinations in India

This article on ‘Offbeat Honeymoon destinations in India’ was originally published in Travellinks magazine in the December/January issue! Did you have a wedlock in the last six months and are still heartbroken about your derailed honeymoon plans? Well, don’t be because you are not alone. Newly-wed couples around the world are nursing the pain and …

Russian Sojourn with friends

Russian Sojourn

Have you been to Russia? Would you like to go? Have you planned for it? I have a friend who stayed in Moscow for 5 years for her studies. She invited me over a couple of times but I couldn’t make it. I missed the opportunity of going over and doing slow travel while living …

Road-tripping in Cape Town

Road-tripping in CAPE TOWN!

The scenes and sounds from my Cape Town trip have not fizzled out yet. The word ‘gorgeous’ is cliché and “beautiful” stands insufficient. This is one of the most blissful, carved out with perfection and blessed with natural diversity, kind of place. With its iconic Table Mountain, enthralling flora & fauna, windy Cape of Good …

Lockdown Art


Art is keeping us inspired in Lockdown Let me begin by raising a toast to the indominable spirit of mankind. We could not have changed the course of this pandemic, without science and its keepers. In this time of unprecedented crisis, it has been exceptionally inspirational to see how healthcare professionals, security forces and essential …

Himchali man and woman -Art work

What is Himachal Day?

I am sure you all know about Himachal Pradesh, one of the Himalayan states of India, which is not only home to some of the popular scenic mountains (Shimla, Kufri, Chail, DharamShala, Dalhousie, etc) but also picturesque villages-towns. Gunehar, a small village near Bir, is one of my personal favorites and always reminds me of …

Illustration showing a traveller dreaming of travel

Traveling through Art during Lockdown

Planes are parked in hangars, trips have been postponed, vacationers are stay-put at home and solo-travelers are making the most of this imposed family time. Well, its our “new normal” and we have no choice but to adapt to the current scenario. But what about the wandering souls? What are we upto? Well, we have …

Art work around COVID 19

Social Distancing – Gond Art Work

Panic will not help but talking about the virus in a positive way will definitely be a value addition in preventing the spread. We must take lessons from other countries where the numbers have been on a rise and analyze. All across the world, scientists, doctors, experts and the leadership are insisting on ways and …

Necklace -Gulaabi Meenakari

Gulaabi Meenakari (Pink Legacy) of Varanasi

Cheers to the Gulaabi Meenakari of Varanasi – Modern art forms are easily accessible but to enjoy a perspective on high-quality, illustrious, traditional, exemplary work, it becomes important to dig into the roots of Indian art and its patronage. Some of our age-old cities have survived the influence of unique cultures and have thrived as …

Types of Keris

Keris Making in Malaysia

This story on Keris Making was published in Sakal Times. I am sure you are thinking who talks about daggers and weapons in the days when the world needs to be reminded of peace and harmony? But trust me, this is all about art and craftmanship and my intentions are biased towards the artists and …

Kashmiri Pandit cuisine

Kashmiri Pandit Cuisine

How much do you know about Kashmiri food? If you have been to Kashmir, I am sure you would have eaten its popular multi-course meal, Wazwan. It is not just a cuisine but it defines a character of Kashmir. My first introduction to Wazwan had happened in Khyber in Gulmarg. The set of dishes cooked …

Things to do in Vijayawada

Vijayawada – 5 Must Dos

On the banks of the culturally and agriculturally significant Krishna River, Vijayawada aka the “place of victory” thrives as the business capital of the state of Andhra Pradesh. This city in Krishna district, not only basks in the beauty of its hills and canals but also abounds with mythological and historical legacies. Here is a …

Things you must do in Hamburg

Quirky Street Art in Hamburg

Germany’s biggest port city, Hamburg is blessed with many cultural landmarks and modern-day architectures but there will always be few nerds like me (street art fans), who will get excited at seeing the colorful splashes on the walls, graffiti or street art on random walls. This post is for the street art lovers like me. …

Berlin's most popular local food

I ate Currywurst in Berlin

I ate vegan Currywurst for the first time near Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin. I hope you did not miss this popular fast food during your trip to Germany. Though it was nothing close to the idea of curry in my mind (Indian curries are made up of gravy), I liked the weird and saucy fusion. …

Valencian Paella recipe and more!

Valencian Paella & Sangria

‘Toasting over Sangria in Spain’ is definitely a thing to do on every traveler’s bucket-list, but you really can’t afford to miss the traditional Valencian Paella, as well. Lucky me, my wish was granted in Valencia and Ibiza in Spain. Valencia is the home-land of this simple but sumptuous rice dish. My first rendezvous with …

Vienna Itinerary

4 days in Vienna

Music and sound in perfect harmony- it has to be Austria. I was very keen on visiting the capital city, Vienna and I am glad that I made it there in 2019, just after Berlin. In fact, there were a lot of places where I wanted to go, especially Salzburg, Innsbruck and Hallstatt but Vienna …

making new friends

5 Great Ways to Meet New People Abroad

Wherever and whenever you travel, holidays always provide amazing opportunities to meet new people and make some new friends. Some of these friendships may be short-lived or some may last rough weathers, but they certainly enrich your experience. In fact, there are some places where being ‘all by yourself’ can be utterly boring. From getting …

Travel, Malta, Cirkewwa, Bus in Malta, Public transport, Tal Pieta, Charming lady, Gozo, Comino, Blue lagoon of Malta.

The Lady in the Bus in Malta

Most of the cities in Europe have undergrounds bahn (trains) or tram systems but Malta still relies on buses and taxis for public transportation. I learned that there used to be Malta railway line and tramway in the past. I visited the archipelago a few weeks ago and saw only bus and ferries as the …

Go for an adventurous holiday in Bali

Go Adventurous in Bali!

It is not without a reason that people say that Bali aka ‘Pulau Dewata’ is the island of Deities. There are more temples than houses in the island and some of the gorgeous and lavish houses can easily be mistaken for temples. It is a picture perfect destination that bestows the love of sun, sand, …


12 Treasures of Turkey

First things first, I have not visited Turkey yet but I have discovered multiple reasons to go there soon. I maintain a travel notebook where I list down everything that excites me or prepares me for a place. I have read a number of things about Turkey and it is definitely on my radar. I …

Itinerary for family trip in Goa

A Relaxed Family Trip In Goa

Family trip in Goa! If you thought that holidays in Goa is only about holidaying with friends, let me try changing your mind. How about giving a surprise and telling your family that you are taking them on a holiday to Goa, a couple of weeks from now? Trust me, the expressions on their faces …

Exploring Vijayawada

Undavalli Caves, A photo-story!

If you are anywhere near the cities of Vijayawada or Amaravati, in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India, you got to visit Undavalli Caves. This rock cut Hindu cave temple definitely deserves a few hours of your precious time. The moment I saw some of the photos from there, I was very sure that …

Good Restaurants in Bahrain

Bahraini Food Is Delectable

Every time, I think of Bahrain, I am reminded of its deliciousness. Age-old recipes, traditional methods, fresh ingredients, high-quality dry fruits and aromatic spices make the best of the Bahraini food. Despite the influence of fusion food and foreign influx, traditional eateries continue to rule the dining scene in this small but pretty island nation. Some of the …

Bahrain, Manama

BAHRAIN, Ours and Yours

Before flying down to the city of Vijayawada, in Andhra Pradesh, (where I am staying for the whole of May), I was in Bahrain in the last week of April. Acquaintance with a new country meant a bagful of stories. You must have noticed my experiences on social media, now it is time to start …

Buddhism in Colombo

Sri Lanka, Be Strong and Safe! We Love You.

The events that took place in Sri Lanka on the day of Easter were absolutely heartbreaking and abominable. The suicide bombers killed innocent people for no reason. Many beautiful families were shattered in seconds. At one moment they were praying and next they were gone. I wonder where are we headed and how cruel humans …

Markets of mumbai, diamond rings

Exploring Zaveri Bazaar in Mumbai

Zaveri bazaar in Mumbai, India is known as a paradise for those who wish to buy jewellery, both precious ones and artificial ones as well. As the name suggests, zaveri means jewellery and bazaar means market, which together means jewellery market. This market is almost 150-year old market that is situated in Bhuleshwar, somewhere between …

Singapore, food

Singapore Foodie Guide

If you are a die-hard foodie, you must visit Singapore! And it is impossible not to fall in love with the beautiful city of Singapore.  After all, there is so much to do and see here. It is no surprise to see Singapore referred to as the hotbed of culinary experiences, thanks to the amazing …

Orange festival in Dambuk

Dambuk And its Orange Festival

Where the mountain air smells of oranges, the slopes boast of hundreds of acres of orange orchards, the ambiance breathes out adventure, the river bed draws path for adrenaline pumping motorsports and the evenings are made up of electrifying music, it’s got to be one of the days from the Orange festival at Dambuk in …

Bhutanese culture

10 Traditional Dances of BHUTAN

I still recall my trip to Bhutan (year 2016) as one of the most amazing and full-of-surprises kind of experience. I had reached this well-preserved haven with no preconceived notions and it had overwhelmed me with its sweet and charming revelations. Despite being a small country, it is absolutely pretty and photogenic everywhere. I mean I always knew it for its happiness …

Travel, Cruising


Unforgettable Trip! There are some trips which are memorable, there are some which are adventurous and there are some which have lasting impressions.  The latter are simply unforgettable. Just yesterday, when I was sorting some pictures in my hard disk, I found a folder which read, ‘Crazy, Amazing and Fun’. As I peeped in, I found pictures from one of my …

Cardamom, Trail, Kerala


In the heartland of spice-world, it is hard to resist a love affair with the heady fragrance of the queen of spices. Read to know about ‘THE SPICY STORY OF CARDAMOMS.’     She is the special one whose leaves are aromatic, whose fruits are called capsules, whose seeds reside inside peacock green colored pods and …

Gorillas of Rwanda

What is so Remarkable about Rwanda?

  While crossing the Rwanda pavilion at OTM (Outbound Travel Mart ), 2018 in Mumbai, the catchphrase ‘Remarkable Rwanda’ caught my fancy. In my first impulse, I wanted to ignore and walk past it but then I paused for a moment and tried raking my brain for the tiniest thing that I knew about Rwanda. My …

Mobistar, Selfie, Indiblogger

My Hate and Love for Selfies!

  “I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will.”   -Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre   It began with a big ‘NO’ for selfies! For a long time, I did not approve of selfies because in my view it was all about narcissism. I was quite reluctant with the …

Help us, Travel, Street Art

Photoblog : Street Art of Gorakhpur

The last thing that I had thought that I would find during my recent visit to Gorakhpur was wall paintings. It was good to see street art in Gorakhpur. With so much street art happening everywhere, I am sure you must be wondering what is that excites me. First and foremost, I like this colorful …

Iceland, Wildlife

25 Amazing Reasons to Dream About Iceland

There is nothing more authentic than nature and some places are blessed with natural indulgences. One such place is Iceland. Packed with gorgeous assets, the naked beauty of this Nordic island country in the North Atlantic is nothing less than enchanting. Iceland is one place where Mother Nature is at her best, unadulterated and absolutely unpredictable. Made …


I Love The World because….

The world is mine, Unique and one of its kind. I love it for its synergy and symphony, And for its zillions of life and creations. Made up of flowers and willows, Of soft sands, sparkling waters, wilderness and charming sunsets, The world is drop dead gorgeous! Isn’t it? Sigh, I am in love with it forever. …

Cuddl, Travel, App

CUDDLL In – Let Us Find New Friends!

What is ‘Cuddll’ and Why Do We Need It? In the times when uninspiring and boring job, work-life imbalance, hectic travels, high dependency on technology, no hobbies to brag off, long distance relationships, mid week-stress and Monday blues have become hard truths of our life, the need of the hour is to act selfish and do …

Kerala, Thekkady, Kochi

Boat Cruising and Night Scouting in the Periyar in Thekkady

After exploring the backwaters of Kerala and having a perfect rejuvenation in the house boat in Alleppey, I further traveled to unearth the paradisiacal beauty of Thekkady, which is famous for Periyar Tiger Reserve and the spice plantations. On the Kerala-Tamil Nadu border, this famous forest of deciduous and Savanah grasslands is home to lion-tailed macaque, sambar, gaur,  Nilgiri langur, elephant, deer, Indian …

Sanur beach, Bali, Indonesia, Volcano

Culture-rich and cool Bali

Hello Friends, I am just back from a short, sweet and a superb trip of Hello, I am Just Back from culture-rich and cool Bali.  In fact, I had started writing this blog from there itself but couldn’t post it because it was one hectic and thrilling trip which did not give me time to sort …


Art Bahrain Across Borders, (ArtBAB) : Where Art Did The Talking!

Art Bahrain Across Borders, (ArtBAB) debuted in India with its first art exhibition held in New Delhi from 9th-11th Oct 2017 at Bikaner House. I had the privilege to attend the inaugural ceremony as well as learn about the works of eighteen Bahraini artists who were selected for this exhibition. I have included this experience for my ‘Travel and Art’ series (one of my ways of discovering places …

Telangana, Hyderabad

2 Day Travel Guide for Hyderabad

Hyderabad, the ‘city of Nizams’ is a feast to the eye and yes, you guessed it, for the tummy! This city is steeped in history and is home to archaic monuments, bustling spice markets and sprawling palaces. In stark comparison to this, Hyderabad is also home to Hi-Tech city or Cyberabad, posh localities like Banjara …

Nilgiri Mountain Railways

Wellington Diaries!!

These are my little notes from the charming town of Wellington!! If you thought I am writing from New Zealand, I must tell you that India has its own sweet and charming town, known as Wellington. Interestingly, it is a very beautiful one, that floats in the clouds. Located in the Nilgiris District and home …

Laakhamaari - A sweet dish made by the Newaris tribe

Nepal And Its Many Flavours

What, Where and All That I Ate in Nepal   Flavours of Travel: While there are many facets to my travel stories, I relish exploring, eating and learning about the local food. In my belief, every dish has a story. I may not be able to decipher it every time but indulging in food is …

Nepal, Thamel, Kathmandu, PATA


It is my third day in Nepal and interestingly I have already touched upon 3 places. I am here to attend the Pre-Familiarization trip, Mount Everest Day,  International Travel Bloggers Conference, as well as Himalayan Travel Mart organised by NEPAL PATA CHAPTER and NEPAL TOURISM BOARD. Travel writers, bloggers, social media influencers, buyers from all …

Art, Craft, Travel

Varanasi’s Unsung Wooden Toy Makers!

(An edited version of the article, ‘ Wooden Toy Makers of Varanasi’ was published in the Rail Bandhu magazine! There is magic in their hands and dedication in their actions. There is solace on their faces and integrity in their demeanour. There is the perspective of art and anticipation of possibilities. My afternoon walk along …

Wildlife sighting in India

A Fantastic Sighting Of A Leopard And Her Cub At Kabini

While the last two posts were about my most recent trip to KASHMIR, this one is about my wildlife adventure in KABINI in KARNATAKA. It seems like I have taken a fascination with places starting with alphabet ‘K’. Read on!   A leopard is considered to be a prized sighting on a safari and I …